10-Ounce Puppy Terrifies 75-Pound Boxer | The Dodo Little But Fierce

  • 4bibimimi

    What would you call Lemon, a rough-coated Chihuahua? It looks like she has an itty bit of Yorkie in her but tiny like a chihuahua

  • salty rain
    salty rain

    So cute

  • L Heise
    L Heise

    Please make sure she is not predated on, by larger dogs and birds. She is so tiny. And enjoy !!!

  • jgibson111

    What a character. I was sad she had to go but happy to see it was to such a good home!

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams

    She is so cute and tiny little sassy self😀😃😄😍

  • Marie Jeannot
    Marie Jeannot

    You re both princesses ❤🐕

  • • Midnight & Sakura •
    • Midnight & Sakura •

    1:59 That dogs looks like it's questioning life rn-

  • Andreas Kabelitz
    Andreas Kabelitz

    I Love it!Thanks for the Video!❤️🌞👍

  • Wawa Willegers
    Wawa Willegers

    She is very precious, she deserves a luxury lifestyle. Thank you adopters and salute rescuers ❤️

  • Kathryn Nicole Standfield
    Kathryn Nicole Standfield


  • Pat McTallica
    Pat McTallica

    I hate this little dogs and maybe mor their owners! ...taking (wearing) them as a accessoire in their hands!

  • i am Moosi: The Untalkative Cat
    i am Moosi: The Untalkative Cat

    The big dog is very much scared he might hurt her accidentally coz she’s so tiny. He doesn’t wanna give mama a heartache. Very good dog!

  • Cynthia Espeland-Winter
    Cynthia Espeland-Winter

    💕💕 Lemon I hope she’s having a great time and has a wonderful life..

  • Melanie Lujan
    Melanie Lujan

    Precious Furry Babies 🐶🌟💗💙💕

  • Kevin Broderick
    Kevin Broderick

    Too long

  • Kharley Kinn
    Kharley Kinn

    Cute OVERDOSE!

  • Miniature Café
    Miniature Café

    I love how she jumped on the brown dogs head and fell rolling down 😆 😂

  • Crystal Phillips
    Crystal Phillips

    Omg she is totally adorable.

  • Barro.


  • Todd Starlin
    Todd Starlin

    What an adorable little bundle of fiesty!

  • Dora Levitt
    Dora Levitt

    It's a living squeaky toy!! 😨😍💞🤗💚🌷💜😂

  • Spaniel

    What a precious pups that Lemon 🍋 is. I wish her and her family all the best. God bless 🙏🙏❤️

  • chris whynder
    chris whynder

    I am forever grateful to Dr IGUDIA on SVname who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted.

  • Erik Andersson
    Erik Andersson

    0:24 Alright, jokes up. Who put buckle Sandals on the pink elephant?

  • Carla Jolly
    Carla Jolly

    My mother always says little dogs don’t know they’re little. 🐕 woof !

  • Cutiepaws A
    Cutiepaws A

    Bless your heart and soul. What a woman you are. May all your wishes come true

  • Zaraki Kenpachi
    Zaraki Kenpachi

    That's how introverts are around extroverts. Most of the time.

  • Buu Balance
    Buu Balance

    1:58 Chihuahua: Wake me up inside- 2:03 Chihuahua: SAVE ME!!!

  • Sam Goulding
    Sam Goulding

    That's not a boxer though

  • Deja Smith
    Deja Smith

    They honestly look traumatized.......That look of the dog at the two-minute mark. I'm like maybe you dogs need a break...

  • Michele Donahue
    Michele Donahue

    Love when she jumps up and down on all four legs Thanks for giving so much love 💘 to all your dogs

  • Jo Eds
    Jo Eds

    Thats NOT a boxer.

  • Rochelle Bailey
    Rochelle Bailey


  • Sean Naugle ( Student )
    Sean Naugle ( Student )

    0:54 Person: awwwww what a cute puppy 1 second later Eats your entire face off

  • Elżbieta Kozak
    Elżbieta Kozak

    🤗😍sweet puppy 💖

  • jyotsna amin
    jyotsna amin

    She sounds like a squeaky toy in beginning...poor siblings with this tiny diva bossing around... adorable vdo...😘😘😘

  • nekokat

    For a tiny dog, she's got a lot of energy.

  • Crimson Red Valentine
    Crimson Red Valentine

    2:03 The face the Dog is giving to the camera is PRICELESS!!!

  • Eric Blade
    Eric Blade

    Teeny tiny monster😅😅😅😅😅

  • Antineal

    The big dogs are so careful with her 😘💘🐕

  • bethany smith
    bethany smith

    Is she a terrier/chihuahua mix?

  • Marlene Walker
    Marlene Walker

    Lemon is so cute!!! Talk about little dog with big dog syndrome.

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith

    Spunkiest little puppy ive seen in a long time. Adorable. Tkank you.

  • Ashley Masterson
    Ashley Masterson

    So precious!! If that woman is in beverly, ma she can always bring lemon by for a warm welcome!!! And we have some great food at Lolo poke!!!

  • Steven Marjanovic
    Steven Marjanovic

    So cute! 😊😍🤩👍❤️🔥😍🤩

  • Jersey G
    Jersey G

    She ran up the other dog and leaped off the dogs head lol

  • Janine Scott
    Janine Scott

    I'm in luv😍💞😘🐕💐🙏

  • Tiffany Lucre
    Tiffany Lucre

    Sooo cute!!

  • iitchiko togi いいちことぎ
    iitchiko togi いいちことぎ

    Awe Lemon! 🍋❤️

  • Lillian M
    Lillian M

    I'm not a lover of lemons but in this case I'd make a very easy exception! That was lovely, thanks for sharing 🥰

  • Barb Long
    Barb Long

    Sweet. She kinda sounds like a squeaky toy

  • Trish Brown
    Trish Brown

    OMG such an adorable, sassy little girl.

  • gameplayer1980

    real great pack of dogs here.

  • Heidi Knitter-Murray
    Heidi Knitter-Murray

    This remind me of my puppy six years ago. I got him age five weeks. Not 13 lbs. Still same personality.

  • A B
    A B

    "And though she be but little, she is fierce."

  • JProduct

    Oh my goodness! I want Lemon!

  • Adi M
    Adi M

    Of course the boxer is a paid actor

  • H.

    I dunno if the 75lb dog was terrified. It seemed more like an I-ain't-raising-no-babies attitude. Or that obnoxious kid running around in a restaurant. Like um... Shoot it?

  • H S
    H S

    As a dog-lover and owner, I wish that we Americans had as much empathy and patience for abandoned children as we do for pets.

  • Fortress Fortresson
    Fortress Fortresson

    283.5 g and 30.14 kg if you want to use the normal metric system

  • Pinky Reddy
    Pinky Reddy

    What a precious little one 🥺😍😇

  • Yvonne Pingleton
    Yvonne Pingleton

    Tender loving care goes a long way.

  • lovegarbage

    I'll keep saying it. I love this positive channel. You make me smile.

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B

    Small but powerful ... thanks for rescuing/fostering. Your house is filled with love. Thank you sooo much.

  • Alex Lim
    Alex Lim

    Soooo cayooooooote

  • Dave Cidnothanks
    Dave Cidnothanks

    I would say the boxer was much more annoyed then scared.

  • julie agramonte
    julie agramonte

    The cutest!!

  • Hobo asmr
    Hobo asmr

    Looks kinda like my dog😂🥰

  • Toni Milstead
    Toni Milstead

    Precious! Thank you for rescuing these precious babies!

  • JulianFan55a

    Cute! 🤣

  • Drugs only help the weak
    Drugs only help the weak

    I think Amy needs another dog, cause Lemon clearly loved leading a pack 🥲

  • Poetin NL
    Poetin NL

    Yammy looks delicious to eat kill this dog

  • CherryDxnutz

    So Cute

  • Kerstin Heckmann
    Kerstin Heckmann

    Oh man , das ist eine süße Fellnasen ❤️💋❤️

  • eM Ke
    eM Ke

    Love the name. Lemon!!😘 🍋

  • Dexter Isabo
    Dexter Isabo

    Reminds me of our Chihuahua when she was a baby, and before she grew her spider legs. She is a reindeer deer head chihuahua who is extremely tall for her breed, leggy like a super model and looks more like a tiny white deer than a dog. But that said, she is a super feisty girl, a serious Mighty Mouse who loves to wrestle with our Rottie and then jump into my lap, and lean over and press her cheek against my lips like shes is insisting on getting kisses. And then after I kiss her, she'll turn her head and lean in again so that I can kiss her other cheek before she goes blasting off like a white blur in search of her boy friend again. I never thought I'd ever be into small dogs, especially chihuahuas, but boy was I wrong. Because though I love my big dogs eternally, I'm now carrying a little white diva around and cooing in her ear like a Bond villain.

  • Annie

    Big dogs: oh yeah... She's makes for a great scratcher when we need it in places we have a hard time reaching.

  • Marina Thill
    Marina Thill

    Am I the only one who doesn't recognize any boxer traits in the dog?

  • Karissa Mannaru
    Karissa Mannaru

    She is just marvelous 😍❤

  • Akshat Govekar
    Akshat Govekar

    I bet this is from America 🇺🇸, seeing the non metric system

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  • Martin Hill
    Martin Hill

    2:03 Plz help

  • The Black Hole
    The Black Hole

    🍋 ᵇᵒᶦⁿᵍ ᵇᵒᶦⁿᵍ ᵇᵒᶦⁿᵍ

  • -Love -Life
    -Love -Life

    I’m so happy that she was found in time

  • mark arnsberg
    mark arnsberg


  • Wendy Sears
    Wendy Sears

    That's one spunky puppy!! So much personality in a tinnie tiny package.

  • Ayesha Rxine Mxnalang
    Ayesha Rxine Mxnalang


  • I am Ample
    I am Ample

    It really looks like a squeky toy.

  • Silvia Santos
    Silvia Santos


  • johnnyshd

    The batteries came free.

  • MothPillarz

    she looks exactly my dog 😢

  • Melissa

    OMG! This pup is so damn cute!

  • Best Auntie Ever
    Best Auntie Ever

    Only morons will thumb down. Unbelievable.

  • J R
    J R

    That would be a HARD goodbye.

  • Declan

    What sort of folks don’t like these vids ? there’s more than 1 or 2 of you , why ?

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  • Catherine Mushaw
    Catherine Mushaw

    Fur babies are the best ever ❤💓💙💕💗💖❤

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    Tony Romano

    How cute!

  • M.Rashid ansari
    M.Rashid ansari

    size doesn't matter,

  • Lyna Galliara
    Lyna Galliara

    1:53 my face when dealing with children