Baby Cow Who Didn't Have Any Friends Now Cuddles With His Chicken Best Friend | The Dodo

  • Kimberly Powers
    Kimberly Powers

    How cute and adorable glad he is doing well and praying that he will heal completely

  • Tempest Fugit
    Tempest Fugit

    lovely story and happy ending......

  • Jacob Doolan
    Jacob Doolan

    What was the song at the end, it was so relaxing 😌


    i think that Weird cows mouth It's weird?

  • Finley_ Gaming
    Finley_ Gaming


  • Slugabuny Seaside
    Slugabuny Seaside

    God loves broken things

  • Serena Spry
    Serena Spry

    How beautiful , I'm so happy that someone gave this adorable baby a SECOND CHANCE OF LIFE. So amazing to see him with the chicken - best friends for life. Thank you for saving this beautiful calf 😘

  • G.e M confido in te
    G.e M confido in te

    Amoreeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lisette Sundberg
    Lisette Sundberg

    Little sweet heart. Im happy for you that you have a home and a friend. With people that love you for you. 💕

  • Biggils

    As much as I love animals, they are brainwashing us into eating bugs whilst the elite will be eating that big fat juicy steak.

  • Stanislawa Hulak
    Stanislawa Hulak

    DIO MIO POWERO KUCIOLO 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔🙏🙏🙏❤️


    So bouncy 😆

  • Debojit Dhar
    Debojit Dhar

    Who eat cow and chicken 🐓🐔 both of them

  • Tiziana Eichmann
    Tiziana Eichmann

    Hahahaha Cow and Chicken Hanna Barbera!

  • Sandra Sharp
    Sandra Sharp

    I have never seen an animal (live) with such a deformed mouth/nose! Oh my! Sweetness knows no bounds

  • Aman La1
    Aman La1

    Is the cow 🐮 Face alright or not!?

  • Yolanda Caro
    Yolanda Caro

    Adorable baybi gracias por amar mis animalitos 💋💚😇

  • bfdyiihgdryg

    So cute

  • Vlad Tulba
    Vlad Tulba


  • Ugly Watchtower
    Ugly Watchtower

    Farmers are evil animal haters ..They milk the cows till they turn inside out .They sell baby cow milk for 5p a pint ..Remember this you never see a farmer on a bike ..

  • Seb Venancio
    Seb Venancio

    So beautiful what you and the vets did for him!!! So much care and love and companionship!!! So lovely the friendship with the chicken and the other animals!!!

  • Aarush Prasad
    Aarush Prasad

    I am feeling really sad watching this. No one deserves this 😭

  • Efrat Lynn
    Efrat Lynn


  • Walt Havens
    Walt Havens

    CALF , a baby cow is called a Calf.

  • Christen Summers
    Christen Summers

    This cow is the definition of mlem ❤️

  • JadeLynne

    Well if this is not just one of the cutest things in the world I dont freakin know what is 😭😭 I cannot with these dodo videos! They just prove that animals are too pure for most humans!

  • mrearly2

    It's a calf.

  • chocol8tsundae

    All I can think of is hamburgers...

  • SuperChamp INFJ
    SuperChamp INFJ

    People wearing Mask is so weird and pathetic. I am sure the animals are like wtf lol

  • Svetlana Adamovsky
    Svetlana Adamovsky


  • Nicci Dean
    Nicci Dean

    Darlin’ baby 🥰

  • Rafa


  • John Wrocenski
    John Wrocenski

    At first I was like how is he sick, and then I looked at his mouth and well.........

  • Heliolisk Fire
    Heliolisk Fire

    Is that cleft palate?

  • paulacorreiaabreu

    E sua mãe????

  • Conny S
    Conny S

    So beautyfull ❤👍

  • G Shokri
    G Shokri


  • Allgäukind


  • Wawa Willegers
    Wawa Willegers

    Please turn to plants based. It is good for your health. After all we have no rights to kill innocent animals for consumption. Animals are friends, we have to treat them with love and kindness. From animal lover vegan and love nature ❤️

  • stuart petrie
    stuart petrie

    All animals are individual and these films show tgey are capable of making meaningful relationships.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
    Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    We Human's are an odd bunch. 800,000 cows slaughtered every day. One is born with a deformity and thousands are spent to save him. Not complaining mind you... just making an observation.

  • Andrew Hemphill
    Andrew Hemphill

    That’s soo sad …. I’ll be her friend…

  • Claudiana Santos
    Claudiana Santos

    Aí que lindinho 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Rudrani's Blogosphere
    Rudrani's Blogosphere

    Lovely ❤️❤️❤️

  • vincent_exploits

    just because the cow looks different doesn't mean it has to be killed

  • vincent_exploits


  • Dave Eppley
    Dave Eppley

    She is not being kind to this animal it will suffer it's whole life and live in misery

  • sarah Smyth
    sarah Smyth

    thats why im vegan, all animals deserve respect and love.

  • Dark Suns
    Dark Suns

    Hey, I remember this cartoon

  • Jude Morton
    Jude Morton

    O my god

  • Æonatia

    Please consider going vegan. These animals are such incredible, emotionally complex beings who feel love, fear, hope, and joy just like you do.

  • Æonatia

    What a sweet, handsome fella, that Jude! I wanna cuddle with him.

  • Perfect Home
    Perfect Home

    Thank you to all people that care and help animals ❤️👍

  • Domi Nion
    Domi Nion

    I'm gonna have to address the elephant in the room- how exactly does he even eat?


    That cow is God's of a kind

  • Ms. Sonshine
    Ms. Sonshine

    He is a baby & like all babies he craves love & attention. Sweet little guy.

  • Holli Fugate
    Holli Fugate

    We need an update on this one!!! Pretty please.

  • Lisa Mahringer
    Lisa Mahringer

    So sweet ❤️

  • Mama Ames
    Mama Ames

    Such sweetness. Sweet Jude. Sweet Barbara. And the sweetest, most loving family. You are all what the world needs today. God bless you for the selfless love you share with us all. 💕🙏💕

  • Janjira Williams
    Janjira Williams

    I'm still getting used to the idea of cows&bulls as not food source. I grown up seeing them as food.i dont even eat meat.

  • FreddyKruegerFiles

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system!

  • T

    He didn't have any friends because in the animal kingdom he is a bait pile

  • TexasRanger60

    What an emotional and amazing story of Jude and her friend Babara. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • Anarose

    Baby cow... a calf

  • Vera Tkocz
    Vera Tkocz

    I needed this!

  • Vamsi Mohan Ramineedi
    Vamsi Mohan Ramineedi

    How can anyone not gobble them up😋 All extreme vegans here?😂

  • Alison Aus2
    Alison Aus2

    Awwwww animals shouldn't be depressed. They need friends & love too.. Happy ending. You guys are so caring.

  • Isabell Berger
    Isabell Berger

    Great ❤👍

  • Nash! Bee like
    Nash! Bee like


  • Bee Dee
    Bee Dee

    Bless you good women for saving this poor lttle calf and made sure he s got some animal friends now .🙏🕊 He wouldn t have been so traumatised , depressed and alone if he wasn t taken away from his mum just after birth 😡

  • johnybravo1705

    If animals deserve to live, how much more are people. Meanwhile, several hundred million people are murdered each year during abortion procedures. What has happened to this humanity. God is crying.

  • seina white
    seina white

    I'm crying still over this beautiful animal. 🙏🙏❤

  • Jan Mosher
    Jan Mosher

    ❤❤❤❤❤. God Bless for those for his care and happiness. I wish people would get along with one another as easy as this special relationship.👍❤🤫

  • P

    I wish this little guy the best in life. And hope he never see's a slaughterhouse." He is special." 🙏🏻☺

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis

    thank you for your service you are making this world a better place

  • c2wak

    A lot of Humans should take notice of animals. Thanks for giving these animals a chance at life x

  • Viviana Rovero
    Viviana Rovero

    Debían operación para que esté mejor 👍😘

  • dieux sylvain
    dieux sylvain


  • Malone Mantooth
    Malone Mantooth

    Chik fil a be like: "we don't even know what to do anymore"

  • Keith Solomon
    Keith Solomon

    A calf

  • jaime lopez araiza orozco
    jaime lopez araiza orozco

    Wow what a lovely story I don't want to eat meat any more cows like all animals have feelings they are tender and known how to show affection to those who have slaughter them for centuries. Congrats guys for saving this wonderful creature 💖🐄

  • Ascension in Your Cards
    Ascension in Your Cards

    PLEASE, everyone, stop eating meat.

  • Nancy Whitney
    Nancy Whitney

    Beautiful!! God Bless these people & prayers for all of them 💕❤

  • Tony Adcock
    Tony Adcock

    Breaks my heart...thank you gentle hearts

  • Janine Scott
    Janine Scott

    Gosh I'm in love, 💞 he's a wee sweetie I'm so greatful to u all for letting him work his life out, that is so cute supporting each otha wow😘😍🐮🐥🙏💐

  • Phildo

    He’s so cute

  • carina mtb
    carina mtb


  • Wanda Koberlein
    Wanda Koberlein


  • Regie Sivon
    Regie Sivon

  • Jalal Hossainy
    Jalal Hossainy


  • Vo Jaro
    Vo Jaro

    Whenever I see one beautiful animal escape the clutches of the heartless “food” industry, I think it could always be this way. It could always be this way if humans would stop using living creatures to selfishly, and unhealthily sustain themselves on this planet. There are other ways humans can sustain themselves - through plant based foods and end this cruel slaughter of the innocent . Thank you for rescuing this adorable calf.

  • xender91

    All that love they're given.. they're gona be so delicious one day..

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia

    You people are so awesome! God bless you for loving saving these beautiful animals! The world is so much better because your in it! Thank you!

  • SteveO Rules
    SteveO Rules

    It's why I could never be a farmer, I couldn't sell or harm any of these animals. I'd literally have dozens of different pets.

  • Kim Petri
    Kim Petri

    Thank you both for saving them! I wish more people were as kind as you both...💕💖

  • Huberman Project
    Huberman Project

    I wonder what made Jude's mouth so misshapen?

  • Melissa Usma
    Melissa Usma

    What a sweet video!!! Animals are simply amazing!!

  • joe Swanson
    joe Swanson

    Barbra was meant to be killed for food . She lived and spends her days helping other animals who were also Destin to be killed . Ironic beautiful and just amazing

  • Der Würger
    Der Würger

    A mutant! Wouldn't even eat that thing....

  • Morgan Johnson
    Morgan Johnson

    ♡♡♡ Anyone know cow intelligence? Curious