Dog And Parrot Who Didn't Get Along Spend Every Single Moment Together Now | The Dodo Odd Couples

  • M H
    M H

    I didn't see "not getting along" AT ALL. I saw "getting to know one another" and feeling each other out. Too many people see what they EXPECT they should see, instead of what is. Welcome to the animal world 🌍

  • Andy Bowlin
    Andy Bowlin

    Amazing that the parrot is flying around and her wings aren't clipped 2ND How these 2 get along is beautiful we as humans could learn so much from animals

  • Steven Hoper
    Steven Hoper


  • Carolynne Elizabeth
    Carolynne Elizabeth

    They’re so adorable together. ♥️💕

  • Brenda Raudebaugh
    Brenda Raudebaugh


  • Capricorn_59


  • Nora A
    Nora A


  • Ilcia Vargas
    Ilcia Vargas

    This couple does make a really great family with the parrot and the dog making the video so entertaining.

  • Bobby Decker
    Bobby Decker

    That's great!

  • Diana Scoccia
    Diana Scoccia

    What a special relationship! This video really made me smile!💕

  • NATAS23

    So cute I love it

  • Lis Engel
    Lis Engel

    That really amazing - they really try to find out how to play and appreciate each other -

  • Damien Atherton
    Damien Atherton

    I miss my macaw doing his baby feed me head bobbing.... dam him growing up.

    • Damien Atherton
      Damien Atherton

      To be fair I don't see the point in the risk of free flights. My macaw has a huge back yard that is netted off. More than enough for him to get his fix and loads safer.... No hawks 😢

  • Prof. Simone N. Brandão
    Prof. Simone N. Brandão

    This bird species is threatened of extinction and should not be sold anymore as a pet!

  • Julie W
    Julie W

    This is one of the sweetest, coolest things I’ve ever seen!!

  • FiveLiver

    The parrot is allowed to fly outdoors?

  • KrisRaps

    I Think Animals WOuld Be JUST Fine Without Humans On Earth

  • Nick Jasper
    Nick Jasper

    It's so nice to see pet birds that actually get to go outside and fly - that was my favorite part of this.

  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine

    Y'all need to watch closely when that parrot goes through puberty.

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson

    Aren't they afraid of the parrot just flying away

  • Mewsic Smary
    Mewsic Smary

    Omg!! My favorite parrot people EVER!!! They didn't clip his wings!! The parrot can fly outside and stretch like a bird should!! I absolutely love them!! Can you imagine being a bird and living to be 80-100 and having someone clip your wings and stick you in a CAGE and never let you fly so they teach you to tslk?? It saddens my heart. If they love you and want to stay..feed them well and let them fly. Yess!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Kuwaitisnot adeployment
    Kuwaitisnot adeployment

    I cant express just how much I love this video. I grew up and my grandpa had a Rottweiler named grizz and a Macaw named Mengo this just brought back so many memories. I've never said thank you for a video before but thank you for this one💯

  • dasilverwelshman

    I could watch these two interact and play with each other all day. P.S.: That picture 1:49 😍😍😍

  • Bruno Fernandes
    Bruno Fernandes

    People should not own exotic animals!

  • Thatyana Machard
    Thatyana Machard

    Queria saber como essas pessoas conseguem essas aves exóticas? Será que compram? Ou ela saiu do seu hábitat natural e cai aí na casa delas. São aves em extinção.

  • mlm2167

    Aww they love eachother

  • Pico

    Parrots are the best. I sure do miss mine

  • Sarah Bhutta
    Sarah Bhutta

    Great photos!

  • Tynchy Temper
    Tynchy Temper

    Total class

  • Leighanne Smith
    Leighanne Smith

    I just love this video and story and this pets

  • Lauren Sweitzer
    Lauren Sweitzer

    Absolutely adorable

  • freesf ftrefv
    freesf ftrefv

    I'm just shocked the bird doesn't fly away

  • Jenner Krambeck
    Jenner Krambeck

    Just beautiful! By the way this is not a parrot, it is a Macaw :)

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes

    The world needs more people like you!! Thanks for sharing and the very best of luck!

  • Janne Partanen
    Janne Partanen

    Real love

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  • Angela 15091960veneza
    Angela 15091960veneza

    Temos muito que aprender com os animais 😝😀😀

  • Angela 15091960veneza
    Angela 15091960veneza

    Que gracinha que coisa mais linda e só os animais mesmo 😺😍💜💗

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  • nanettemclean5

    Love this 🥰

  • 6fiddy

    Wow.. That's crazy.. Great video..🤠👍

  • Randy Kutzner
    Randy Kutzner

    Jehovah is a wonderful creator and it shows in all his creation , out of his immense love for us he gave us the animals to take care of and to enjoy… all Praise to our Heavenly Father…!!!!!

  • Deborah Northover
    Deborah Northover


  • Buttered__ Toast_
    Buttered__ Toast_

    “hUManS ARe ThE MosT aDVanVeD SPecIes!” *Someone has a slightly different skin tone then you* I took that personally

    • let's be honest
      let's be honest

      That was so lame please get off the internet

  • Look Outside
    Look Outside

    my dog was playing with a squirrel and killed it, that seems likely with bird-dog relationships. either by accident or purposely. not here clearly but other dogs im sure.

  • Nancy Wheeler
    Nancy Wheeler

    What breed dog is this? Anyone please

  • robin vann
    robin vann

    Friends ---💚💙

  • kevin long
    kevin long

    I never seen anybody let there bird outside to fly around kinda made me loose focus of the birds relationship with the dog.thank you for sharing.

  • Cat Sanctuary
    Cat Sanctuary


  • Cosmo

    It's like that song from the band Heart, "Dog and Butterf....oops!...ummm.......OH!!...Parrot-guy" Whew!...almost blew it.

  • Sonia


  • Sharmilee Mayekar
    Sharmilee Mayekar

    WOW That’s Just BEAUTIFUL ❤️


    That is so sweet and so very special. Thank you so much

  • Lucinda Randolph
    Lucinda Randolph


  • Hi

    Theyre frienemies at best

  • Odωn

    Wonderful !

  • Michael Summerell
    Michael Summerell

    1:49 That's a great picture! Love it!

  • theindo gamer
    theindo gamer

    My African grey is the king hates all other animals but do be loving his mama lol not his father hates his father

  • Keith Wood
    Keith Wood

    Awww lufferlee.

  • Parakeet World
    Parakeet World

    Can i just mention, this is cute and all but, Predator and prey animals should NEVER be kept together, and its clear in this video they just set the, out together, no proper transition. Even if you THINK your dog/cat will get along well, predator instincts can always come in. Even the SALIVA of these larger animals are are toxic to birds. So if they just scratch or lick them, the bird is done for. Extremely dangerous, never. This other edit is not dangerous but the dog is accidentally ofc, touching the back of the birds and stuff, and you can see her squat down in a mating position. She can become sexually aggressive and hormonal by that. 👀 Anyways besides that, i know this channel and its clear they love their macaws, im just putting this out :)


    Awwww so sweet

  • f youtubecensorship
    f youtubecensorship

    they were playing in every video and everything in life now is a lie They have giant cockatoos in australia, BS that dog never saw a parrot.

    • f youtubecensorship
      f youtubecensorship

      @AWSOM zombie everywhere people live there are parrots

    • AWSOM zombie
      AWSOM zombie

      As an Australian i can confirm that giant cockatoos aren’t everywhere

  • Kay

    They’re both such good babies & so so beautiful 😍

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    This is soooooo adorable 🤗🤗🌞🌞🐶🐶🐦

  • Diana Saldivar
    Diana Saldivar


  • Louise Heiner
    Louise Heiner

    Cute, wonderful, unbelievable, GREAT.😍

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  • Twala Rankin
    Twala Rankin

    Love love love this friendship. Brava! Great story

  • Ramin Khajavi
    Ramin Khajavi

    Still not a good idea. Parrots get fatally injured by dogs too close, even if unintentional. Risking the parrot's life, and encouraging irresponsible behaviour to public at large.

  • Nadia Appiah
    Nadia Appiah

    If ever im feeling down or low...watching Videos like these bring me such joy. Every Animal is precious. Its a Blessing to be able to share our lives with them.🙏🏽🌈

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson

    With all the bad stuff that is going on in the world, seeing this somehow makes the world seem right.

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson

    Some animals have all the luck. 👍😁

  • Teresa Fox
    Teresa Fox

    The narrow computer definitely dress because walrus partially arrest atop a blue-eyed seed. frequent, early fibre

  • Terry Ann Gallagher
    Terry Ann Gallagher

    The moment I saw the parrot flying outside, playing tag with the dog...I sat right up straight and my mouth dropped. KUDOS to this wonderful couple who cherishes their animals, to the free bird who loves to stay home and, of course, to the pup who's having the time of his life with a best friend who FLIES!!!

  • o0sunsi0o

    Both animals really love you both, such a happy home. Love the still shot of the bird and the dog, beautiful!

  • Karthik Puvvula
    Karthik Puvvula

    God bless this beautiful family

  • Sathish Jayabalan
    Sathish Jayabalan


  • Nicky Naime
    Nicky Naime

    The only animals who don't get along are human beans.

  • DantesPop

    I have an african grey and a mutt dog (big but sweet), I wish they could bond that way. My dog wants to play with her, but the bird is still not trusting of the play.

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Two gorgeous and intelligent animals!

  • Jeremy Shelton
    Jeremy Shelton

    Through interaction they acclimated to each other. That's macaws and effect.

  • Artsy Bitsy
    Artsy Bitsy

    I have always wanted a macaw. Yours is so pretty

  • Rosie Dunn
    Rosie Dunn

    seen these guys on mikeythemacaw’s channel!

  • Charles Andrews
    Charles Andrews

    Yes Carly that was great to watch thank you very much

  • Rebecca Higgins
    Rebecca Higgins


  • Sunny Navarrette
    Sunny Navarrette


  • Renee Kulp
    Renee Kulp

    That’s just beautiful! Thank you!

  • Jesus is the way
    Jesus is the way

    Almost at that diamond play button

  • V Nette
    V Nette


  • Rv4 Guy
    Rv4 Guy

    I’ve never seen a bird like that on its back

  • Braz Nart'n
    Braz Nart'n


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  • GTHANG Guthrie
    GTHANG Guthrie

    Beyond cute ❤️

  • BiggieButters

    Different species of animals can get along, but we human beings can't!

  • Icon Canadian
    Icon Canadian

    I love them so so much

  • Purva Nayar
    Purva Nayar

    i have a dog and two parakeets! my dog doesn’t rlly care abt them neither my birds there names sky and ocea for the birds candee for the dog it’s candee not candy


    Adison and Tesla , but friends😊😂❤️

  • m ct
    m ct

    So hopefully the parrot will have accent also 👍👍👍👍

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    Awww I could watch them aaaaall day!!!

  • Crimson Cloud
    Crimson Cloud

    They say animals make better people...i believe it. When we still have issues of race and culture..