Dog Who Had No Idea How To Play Invents A Game With A Cat | The Dodo Foster Diaries

  • Eric Northman
    Eric Northman

    She's beautiful

  • C Bryce
    C Bryce

    What kind of people give this a thumbs down?

  • Maryjo Boone
    Maryjo Boone

    Great Job guys !

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams

    After watching too many Foster Diaries, I’m convinced that being an excellent foster is a superpower.

  • Trump Kitty
    Trump Kitty

    Love to see such Compassion Precious Dog and People

  • Widgets Are US
    Widgets Are US

    This cat and dog playing a game together is a wonderful sight to behold.

  • Mel *
    Mel *

    She’s all red. 😢😢😢 she needed that bath and medicine!!!! If I was going through a break up that doesn’t excuse letting your dog get like that!?!?! 😤🤬😤🤬😤

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson

    You guys have the best videos.

  • abrantino

    Such a pretty dog woow

  • Perfect Home
    Perfect Home

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautiful furry baby. Awesome people!!!

  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker


  • Jackson Gamble
    Jackson Gamble

    So we’re the fucking cunts that owned her jailed?!? / anyone know how to find them and make them scratch themselves raw maybe tie them up to a tree for a few years let the bugs get them, not joking ill fucking do it so just let me know. (Honestly can’t say how serious I am)

  • Tony Romano
    Tony Romano

    What a doll!

  • brett hughes
    brett hughes

    Funny how these so called "bad breeds" are always the ones who still wag their tail and show affection no matter how bad things are.

  • Jackie Whiting
    Jackie Whiting

    I love all your vidoes

  • N

    Talk about a clickbait title! The entire "game" is just that the cat attacks the dog.

  • Bowjan Neeu
    Bowjan Neeu


  • Sarah Elliott
    Sarah Elliott

    That is because she trusted you ll

  • Gabriella Katerina
    Gabriella Katerina

    Thank you so much for saving this wonderful sweetheart!!! You're a real hero!

  • Susan Mercurio
    Susan Mercurio

    The poor family who had to surrender her probably was so deeply immersed in their own problems - financial stress often causes divorce - that they really couldn't do their best by their dog.

  • Casey S. Manning
    Casey S. Manning

    She’s SO precious! She’s a beautiful dog too! Thank you for saving, loving & giving her a great life!

  • Richard Waddell
    Richard Waddell

    God bless this couple for giving this dog love

  • Rebecca Gallin
    Rebecca Gallin

    He looked at the cat like you really don't want to hit kw so you?? Cat: no not really. 😂

  • Sara Piper
    Sara Piper

    There’s nothing to be sorry about you’ve done an excellent job with her and now she’s with a loving family she’s absolutely beautiful I don’t know how people can ignore animals like that but they know they need help

  • DOGS LIVES MATTER Daniel Stancil
    DOGS LIVES MATTER Daniel Stancil

    I can't video record a dog like close to the face it's hard to explain the times iv tryed to I feel them getting uncomfortable buy thet expression thay have and body I don't want them to feel like that


    THANK YOU FOR SAVING HER! All animals deserve love!

  • DeadHead

    Oh, my heart. I don't think I could let her go... that face!

  • Nikki Florio
    Nikki Florio

    That dog's a cutie, but I'd never give a dog to someone dumb enough to think there's a pandemic.

  • Katia Anjos
    Katia Anjos


  • boomerlady

    I love this generation of humans

  • Harber Avery
    Harber Avery

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  • Cicero's

    What an adorable dog. So lovely to see her slow recovery

  • Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller
    Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

    Yall need to stop humanizing these dogs by putting shirts on these dogs I mean Jeeze there dogs let them be dogs.......just kidding I think it's cute 😍

  • Adams9663 Adams
    Adams9663 Adams

    I wish I had a dog like her, she is so pretty

  • Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards

    How incredible. I bet that bath was so soothing for her. She knows she's loved and is now so happy. Thank you for being there for her. You and your pets have made that possible. She's going to a loving home x

  • Kristyn Funk
    Kristyn Funk

    She’s such a beautiful girl 💕

  • Jackie Cartwright
    Jackie Cartwright

    Thank you so much for fostering dogs! It’s heartbreaking to let them go, especially when you know in your heart they won’t find a better home than your own, but it’s true, the more you end up keeping, the less dogs you can help save in the future. I always end up keeping them. Thank you for all you do for our four legged friends!

  • sue hendren
    sue hendren

    Wow you guys! Great job doing what you do for dogs that need that help to learn that they are deserving love and a happy life.


    This is a beautiful story. GOD bless to all involved 🙏

  • Patrick Marble
    Patrick Marble


  • T W
    T W

    I was genuinely surprised to see that she was actually brown!

  • Mitchell Monroe
    Mitchell Monroe

    Nala got her some liberal moms.

  • dyscea

    Velcro Dog.

  • andrew steinberg
    andrew steinberg

    wow, what a fine dog. yu guys are lucky, i lost 2 last year 15 year old and a 13 year old. I need to adopt, i would take this dog immediately, and she would have a good life

  • Sam Savage
    Sam Savage

    I love these stories and they break my heart at the same. So glad she's in good hands now. I hate to see them in that terrible shape. It's so not fair. Thank you to all the people who take care of them! I have 5 rescues myself. Wish I could save them all.

  • V J
    V J

    She is just a cup of cappuccino... Beautiful ❤️ fur.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Joyce Thiery
    Joyce Thiery

    Tanya Weiczorek. She was alone. No mommy, no siblings. Just her. Gizzy the dog I had just had spayed and raised her, gets the credit. I found her but it was all Gizzy. That was HER baby Thank you

  • Hu Tao
    Hu Tao

    Pit bulls are the second most tolerant breed of dog, with labs being the first, which means those are probably the dogs you want if you have a cat.

  • Janine Scott
    Janine Scott

    Ur a very kind family, om so greatful u gave a damn she's so sweet her world is fall of luv now sweetheart girl from the bottom of Sth island new zealand💐🙏🐕😘❤️😍

  • Lara King
    Lara King

    I understand the purpose of foster homes but isn’t it even more traumatic sometimes for some rescues to change homes again when they’ve finally encountered the first humans that are nice to them and they have bonded?

    • T W
      T W

      I've often wondered the same thing.

  • Susan Chappell
    Susan Chappell

    Thank God for people like these two wonderful folks!!!!

  • Regina Hoffman
    Regina Hoffman

    God bless you wonderful animal guardians!

  • Linwood Richards
    Linwood Richards

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  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin

    She is sooo precious 💞💞💞

  • Tina Marie F
    Tina Marie F

    My neighbor fostered 3 little dogs, all with disabilities. She adopted them, she couldn't give them up. I have adopted cats and dogs We have 4 rescue kitties right now. So much love and happiness 😍🐾

  • Allen Lake
    Allen Lake

    The toothy smile she gave is medicine for the soul😁

  • supersunshine22


  • Steff Paul
    Steff Paul

    Nala is beautiful inside & out 💕🐕 Kudos to the amazing foster parents who gave her so much love & TLC to help her recover & set her up for the perfect life....which she now has!

  • David Ireland
    David Ireland

    That title though

  • Ricki Beattie
    Ricki Beattie

    She was surrendered!! I thought she was homeless the condition she was in😢

  • C. James Dean
    C. James Dean

    I think I live just to see people like you because I can’t find them anywhere else. Thanks for being you

  • Eleonora Höflinger
    Eleonora Höflinger

    She is just beautiful, stay happy forever♥️

  • Reyes Munguia
    Reyes Munguia

    You mean she was scratching herself because she was itching

  • VICTORIA Benton
    VICTORIA Benton

    What a sweet dog awwwwww

  • Johnny Poulter
    Johnny Poulter

    Anthropomorphism over Accuracy. They are wildly, ridiculously, inaccurately anthropomorphic. For example, a picture of a bear leaned against a wall is captioned as: “He looks desperate, depressed, despondent. He stares up, seeming to search for a way out.” They described an owl resting on someone’s shoulder as “missing the man who saved her so much she couldn’t stop hugging him.” A kitten “looks at his rescuers face to be reassured everything is okay.” One of their most recent articles is about a cow “shedding tears” and crying because it is sad. Overall, they are much more concerned with ‘tugging on heartstrings’ of animal lovers than with being accurate about animal behavior. Unsafe Animal Interactions and Inappropriate Pets. Despite being anti-captivity when it comes to zoos specifically, they have often published videos of exotic pets and/or inappropriate free contact with wild/dangerous animals. Lack of Primary Sources and Information. They often lack any resources to accurate information about their “news”. Recently they made a 45-second video which claimed that basically any elephant on display (from a Ringling Circus to a rural south Asian performance) was automatically and certainly being abused and tortured. There were no sources or proof to back this up, no resources to explore, nothing. They rarely have any kind of scientist or animal care worker as a source for any video or article, just activists. Stealing and Editing Videos. You’ll notice almost every video on their site is made by them and hosted there, not shared from somewhere else. They take videos from other sources, add music and text, and call it their own. They almost never link to the original source. Overall, “The Dodo” is not a news site. It’s a brand. It’s a website designed to get views and make money - it will do anything just to get those clicks. But it tries to sell itself as news, and therein lies the issue. They use strong language, buzzwords, and clickbait titles in order to push a vague, biased agenda that hurts those of us who work in zoos and other animal facilities. Here is another strong, detailed breakdown of some of their common practices written by Why Animals Do the Thing 36,270 notes

  • Pinnacle Trade
    Pinnacle Trade

    She looks young still. Blessed u for taking her in & giving her much needed love 💘

  • marspuppy m
    marspuppy m


  • Quit bein silly
    Quit bein silly

    That thumbnail was disgusting ugh🤢

  • eva lynn
    eva lynn

    So happy her life has changed .

  • shirley Anderson
    shirley Anderson

    That is so gross letting your dog lick you in rhe face .because they lick their nutt after craping and lickings their balls .and what everything else.

  • lololo lalala
    lololo lalala

    Very strong that you could give her away. I know 100% I could not do it.. Never.

  • LtCmdrTobyFox

    Love how as soon as June passes, the rainbow flags disappear. *hilarious*

  • Annie Mosienko
    Annie Mosienko

    Foster parents are true heroes. I wouldn't be able to do it. An animal comes into my house and I am incapable of giving them up.

  • KitsxneGaming ツ
    KitsxneGaming ツ


  • ChiMakwa Prettyboy
    ChiMakwa Prettyboy

    2:00 picture perfect 🤗💕🤗💕🤗💕

  • Nicolas Grangeon Handpan and Drums player
    Nicolas Grangeon Handpan and Drums player

    Pitbull are the best dog ever... Perfect osmosis between strength, intelligence and courage

  • klfsdjhg bruh
    klfsdjhg bruh

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  • JC Martinez
    JC Martinez

    Loving the Boston Terrier @4:00

  • lynxx

    Dogs lick their underparts, and then you let them lick your face. I don't understand why you do this disgusting thing.

  • john doe
    john doe

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  • Relic Reapers
    Relic Reapers

    Hey its Grant from Ghost Hunters ⛄

  • quinten putnam
    quinten putnam

    I really thought that you were going to adopt her and I was a little nervous when you said she was ready to go up for adoption. I was hoping that it would be someone as good as you guys and it looks like that was the case so it turned out perfect for her !!! Long happy life…

  • John Moon
    John Moon

    Katy and Collin, you're AMAZING and wonderful!💕

  • Lloyd Thurston Dinwiddie AkA Gyant
    Lloyd Thurston Dinwiddie AkA Gyant

    The dodo saves my life some days

  • fairlind

    She wasn’t “itching” herself, she was scratching herself. Because itching oneself would be stupid, even for a dog.

  • Anderson Lima
    Anderson Lima

    I like this video, well done owners, just the thumbnail is blo*** disgusting lol

  • Octobers Child
    Octobers Child

    People like these folks are Wonderful 👏 ❤ I was not good at Fostering because I could Never let go of any of the pets I Fostered! Well, was Supposed to Foster but wound up keeping because I Fell in Love with them all 😏!

  • Sean Teo
    Sean Teo

  • Ella Mae Loftus
    Ella Mae Loftus

    Beautiful people, beautiful dog🙏💕

  • BrainError

    When he says I'm sorry made me cry. Also I don't think the cat loved that lol. Soft pawing means they don't like what is being done, the cat is just v polite.

  • Randy Lalrinsanga
    Randy Lalrinsanga

    You guys are amazing. You helped the poor doggo recover and gave happiness to another couple.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • pierre magnat
    pierre magnat


  • Bill Black
    Bill Black

    Labs are great dogs.she looks great good recovery.

  • Isle of Self
    Isle of Self

    "Robert would bat at her...and he loved it.." if they were humans this would be a battered housewife story and we'd be enraged

  • Patricia Taggart
    Patricia Taggart

    God Bless you both! I'm so very happy she found a loving home! Love! ! 💋🐾🐾✌

  • chukky Gopal
    chukky Gopal

    Be blessed all

  • Nanz CR
    Nanz CR

    Another wonderful story with a happy ending! Good luck Nala!!!

  • Keantae Miller
    Keantae Miller

    This is so cute❤❤❤

  • Dave Wenners
    Dave Wenners

    My cat lick me and my dog. Very wet licks. Like just out of the shower dripping wet. My dog just stands there and looks at the cat, sort of like do you mind doing the other side? 😂

  • Stacijo

    Pets are so innocent. God blesses those who are good to their pets. They deserve love too. God loves them.