Only A Few Dogs Look Like Her In The World, But She Has No Idea She's Any Different | The Dodo

  • Caden Douglas
    Caden Douglas

    I think it weird that they call the dogs owner their mom or dad the dogs owner is the owner of the dogs and not the dogs parents

  • emma yang
    emma yang

    I would name him Dg (dog without the o)

  • Monica Branch
    Monica Branch

    She is a cutie pie.

  • Cali Love
    Cali Love

    I'm glad someone sweet found her. ❤

  • jeremy whitesell
    jeremy whitesell

    Too many times i see a vid with mention of 1 or 2 vets saying the little ball of determination will not make it. Then guess what? Provin wrong.

  • Salil

    Reminds me of dog version of Ricky Berwick....cute.

  • Oudtshoornify

    She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her experience with us.

  • Wood killer
    Wood killer

  • KK’s Korner
    KK’s Korner


  • peiguy canada
    peiguy canada

    She reminds me of a wingless bat. Cute tho.

  • Marta C
    Marta C


  • Drago Musevini
    Drago Musevini

    May Allah curse those that harm and kill his creation.

  • Bianca

    She looks like one of those panorama pictures gone wrong, I love her

  • Ann Fahy
    Ann Fahy

    She is gorgeous ❤☺️

  • dumb tree cat's girlfriend
    dumb tree cat's girlfriend

    *she comes for you at night*

  • Bossmare

    What a little sweetheart.💖 Bless you for giving Tilly an amazing life and home. 🙏🙏🙏 ❤❤❤

  • lionz


  • Maja Harris
    Maja Harris

    Not saying anything offensive or mean but why does she kinda Remind me of a frog because of the back legs the short body and the way she jumps around

  • i o
    i o

    I think she's cool lookin' !

  • Elisania M.
    Elisania M.

    It's not a dog, it's a dg

  • Lt Jason
    Lt Jason

    Because that's what heroes do! -Thor.

  • Jake Leo
    Jake Leo

    Me trying to hold myself back from saying "Ayo wat the dog doin?" the whole 3 minutes :)

  • Coco Rain
    Coco Rain

    That dogs walks literally like a guy I met in Detroit.



  • Debra

    I like Tilly's nicknames. Ha-ha.. bless.

  • eclipsespilce /əˈklips/spil/kē/
    eclipsespilce /əˈklips/spil/kē/

    449 People have no soul.

  • Phantom Stars
    Phantom Stars

    She's real cute, but if I saw her in rl without her owner and hadn't seen this I would be terrified

  • Eileen Lester
    Eileen Lester

    God bless for saving her. 💜

  • ✘[just lisa]✘
    ✘[just lisa]✘

    She's so CUTE🥺♥️

  • Sherri Berkley
    Sherri Berkley

    Her and that door stopper was cute.

  • Sherri Berkley
    Sherri Berkley

    So, adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oinkers

    What breed is she?

  • Rene Baker-Carter
    Rene Baker-Carter

    Love to you, I would have brought her home too🐈🐾🐾♥️

  • Midnight S2
    Midnight S2

    Vet: She's not going to live long. Puppy Tilly: Hold my treat.

  • Jac

    What a sweet dog. I just hope she doesnt have pain because of her spine.

  • :D

    She looks like a little goblin AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH She's a fun-size dog!

  • doug mackey
    doug mackey

    Thank God for people like you. She obviously is enjoying every day with you and you are enjoying her.

  • AnimalCwackaz

    Omg she looks like a whole other species or something haha! So cute!!

  • Spectre _
    Spectre _


  • Pikachu Kaminari
    Pikachu Kaminari

    I hate how people throw animals to the side because of how they look or because their bored with that animal, it really does make my blood boil. None the less, I’m glad you both found each other and I wish you the best in life 😅

  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol

    It doesn’t matter what the different is of other things or people. Everybody wants to be treated with care and love, this puppy was a very good dog and hope she will have a better future further on in the years/days/months/weeks.

    • Idk Lol
      Idk Lol

      @Álvaro Navarro yes

    • Álvaro Navarro
      Álvaro Navarro

      Let's Hope it's years

  • toeknee

    Wish I had a short spine.

  • UU BEE
    UU BEE

    Cross between a dog and a bat

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    I don't want to be rude, but this looks like from horror movie, like that witcher incest monster

  • Green Brain
    Green Brain

    She has the physique of a bat, without the wings.

  • Jannette Brown
    Jannette Brown

    Yes I love her to. I hope she is still alive.

  • Salted Cat
    Salted Cat

    Pets in roblox be like

  • Meadow Gailer
    Meadow Gailer

    She looks like another species

  • beegchunguz

    This is an extremely rare PEPE

  • D H
    D H

    I LOVE HER 😫

  • Scott Lasater
    Scott Lasater

    That is absolutely the closest thing I've seen to the Looney Tunes Tazmanian Devil.

  • Duke Estes
    Duke Estes

    That is one awesome dog!

  • Heinrich Fitzgerald
    Heinrich Fitzgerald

    Koksal baba 😀🤣😀

  • VR VR
    VR VR

    Ugh. Backyard breeders are the worst. Glad she found a loving home straight off.

  • Ina Azahar
    Ina Azahar

    She looks like Quasi The Great ..they are lovely pets


    Awesome dog parents!❤️


    Es el perro perdido del jorobado se le escapó hace siglos

  • Ruby Burke
    Ruby Burke

    I have a rotisserie chicken too! Except he's a chubby siamese cat 😄

  • Regan regan
    Regan regan

    So cute long live Tilly

  • Jamez. Z
    Jamez. Z

    Bunny Dog, shes so cute! 🥰 ❤️

  • Vo Jaro
    Vo Jaro

    Tully is priceless. What a cutie she is. I think you really struck it lucky when you found her as she is adorable. Why would anyone want to euthanize her. Thank you for saving her and giving her a wonderful, compassionate home. She’s a sweetheart.

  • Gijs Markwat
    Gijs Markwat


  • Cameron Huey
    Cameron Huey

    It’s a dg

  • Elly van der Horst
    Elly van der Horst


  • Scarlet SFM
    Scarlet SFM

    Ricky berwick dog. Amazing.

  • Vale The Wolf
    Vale The Wolf


  • Jiggyjarjardo

    You're a special person to save that very special dog.. wish there was more people with the hart you have.

  • Luis Santos
    Luis Santos

    Yeah, I'll take the compact version

  • Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank
    Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank

    Omg shes sooo cuteeeeee She looks also very funny!!!! I loveeeee ittt!!


    It's E.T.!

  • I'm A WonderFul
    I'm A WonderFul

    Just beautiful.. ❤️❤️

  • Libra

    What an adorable and cute doggie! Bless your heart for giving her a chance.

  • Vera Sondervorst
    Vera Sondervorst

    She’s cute

  • •NathanThePro•

    Hey the dodo

  • Bernie Mcdonagh
    Bernie Mcdonagh

    Love your dog

    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

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    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

      Hi there

  • N.N Pixel
    N.N Pixel

    That dog reminds me of taz the tazmainendevil from loonytoons ;o its such a cute little thing im glade she found a home

  • black


  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    She looks like a little frog SHE IS A FROGGO DOOGO and she is sosososos sweet

  • Victor Caceres
    Victor Caceres

    God Bless her and God Bless this Woman. I'm Happy that she is Happy.

    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

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  • Paula Cannon
    Paula Cannon

    so utterly beautiful don't give up on her if you ever need a wheel chair for her i can get her one . i had a disabled dog i lost him 3 weeks ago some thing i will never recover from you get so much closer to them more than you realise moses lived till he was 12 years old vets told me to put him to sleep when he was 4 months we had 11 and half years of kisses and hugs . vets are not always right go with what your your heart tells you she will keep fighting as long as you fight along side her .

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore

    You’re lucky to have this lil angel.

    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

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  • Sophia Ilana
    Sophia Ilana

    She looks like a Pokémon! Haha! That’s so cool!

  • Brenda Haney
    Brenda Haney

    Awww bless her heart i am in love with her i cried she is very precious thank you for sharing

  • Julia Mc
    Julia Mc

    I’m crying what a precious baby 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😘😍😘

  • eye see
    eye see

    She is beautiful, she reminds me of my mums little long hair chihuahua she always played with her treats too and was very lovable. I wish her a very long happy lovable life.

  • Piece of Moon
    Piece of Moon

    Imagine see him walking in the streets at night

  • Piece of Moon
    Piece of Moon

    Where is tail

  • Martin×fr2r

    Long foot

  • Hoshea Yahawadah
    Hoshea Yahawadah

    And people wonder how we get the tiny dog breeds....well...This is step number one..

  • Nikita's Library
    Nikita's Library

    Very cute! Looks like Quasimodo🥰

  • Yareli Badillo
    Yareli Badillo

    Me:mom I want a dog Mom:no there ugly Me : no they are not there cute

  • Big Whitie
    Big Whitie

    Beautiful such a touching film. Thank you for looking after her.💖

  • wormhole331

    Looks like Brett from Genuine Jerks.

  • The_artsy_angel

    long legs

  • Alexandra Ruiz
    Alexandra Ruiz

    She is adorable 🥰

  • hduperoy

    She is beautiful 😍

  • Torfinn Nielsen
    Torfinn Nielsen

    she looks like a werewolf

    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

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  • EatMeatandLiftWeights

    Such a cutie!!

  • Brett Wilson
    Brett Wilson

    The world is a better place with her in it.

    • Hannah Sandro
      Hannah Sandro

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