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    It's obviously not the optimum solution to domesticate a wild animal, but you made the right choice under a tough situation. Had you not adopted Butter, he would have probably died in 2-3 days of starvation, if not sooner by becoming some raccoon's meal.

  • Ruth bader Ginsberg
    Ruth bader Ginsberg

    no husband, no children, yup...

  • Diva 7777
    Diva 7777

    No mam

  • mutant ratz
    mutant ratz

    2:08 The yawn of the opossum reminds of that of the extinct thylacine.

  • michael williams
    michael williams

    They are so helpful, eating over 2000 ticks in their lifetime

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams

    Driving home late on a dark road, I saw the eye shine and slowed down. Brights on, I saw a fat opossum just scooting across in front of me. It stopped and stared in my headlights and we just looked at each other. Finally I honked at it and it jumped and scooted away double speed into the woods. Still makes me smile.

  • its her
    its her

    lmao ew

  • Stacy Large
    Stacy Large

    Hillbilly bestie...

  • Casper Wallace
    Casper Wallace

    Maybe he stays because he see's no others like himself. You are his rock, he knows no one else. When he comes in comes to mating time, it might be different.

  • Rick Fountain, Jr.
    Rick Fountain, Jr.

    go...you're free.....Forget that Im headin back in the house!!!

  • jaden ferg be like
    jaden ferg be like

    im gonna pretend i didnt just see another rat laying on the floor flat chillin like a grillin just watching

  • WhisperLeo

    Man those feet are atrocious 🤢

  • J Farmer
    J Farmer

    Thx lady

  • Mathew Feldman
    Mathew Feldman

    Sadly possums are such misunderstood and mislabeled animals. The badgering media doesn't help either.. always labeling them having rabies or some dumb crap. The amount of uneducated crap that's spewed thru media is ridiculous. Glad he made it I saved a litter of 6 ! 😀

  • hexalone

    I always thought these rodents were gross...but after seeing this video...I have a change of heart.

  • Irish iz
    Irish iz

    Oh he wants hugs and he wants to be held. Hahahaha *inner monologue* I could NEVER. Let this little guy go. Hahaha !!

  • kirill khizhnyak
    kirill khizhnyak


  • donn zatha
    donn zatha


  • Oxonian

    I have been in the exactly same circumstances with a a white-eared opossum we found in our yard in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While we managed to rescue and feed him properly we were careful to avoid developing strong bonds with him. In the due time we introduced him back in the wilds again. I like to think he is ok but missed the liitle chap till tnia day! Tks for sharing thia video!

  • jenny rosd
    jenny rosd

    So cute!!! Hes your boy.

  • Marion Vincent
    Marion Vincent

    Raised two of them some years ago after Mom got killed by a car. Started of with 4 but lost two fairly early on. Named them Billy Joe and Bobby Joe. Had them for many years. Had them litterbox trained and both had to take regular bath.

  • Max Rodgers
    Max Rodgers

    God rules

  • Brenda Bell
    Brenda Bell

    Cutie Pie !!!

  • Bryan Christian Abrigo
    Bryan Christian Abrigo

    Imagine a visitor coming and didn't know what it was and just started yelling, "What's that?! That's a huge f*cking rat!"

  • Caleb Upton
    Caleb Upton

    I'd rather look at him than moms feet eeeek!

  • Kenneth Hedden
    Kenneth Hedden

    rescued a little one back in the day,My mother made me let her go when she got larger. Snif snif

  • Unvaccinated

    Who loves possum pie? Yummy

  • vetten76

    What a sweet sweet video. He ain’t yours. You belong to him. Thanks for sharing.

  • B Lee's Pets
    B Lee's Pets

    That is so cute. So glad she was able to save it. Cute Butter

  • Timothy Rothrock
    Timothy Rothrock

    Aww the Silverback Grinner

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones

    What did you feed him in the beginning.

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar

    my chihuahua does the same when shows love and affection, she rubs her head against me lol

  • ResaATL Fragranista
    ResaATL Fragranista

    He's huge

  • Jeremy oharrah
    Jeremy oharrah

    Its amazing what animals u can create a bond with. Freaking possum man.. really?? 😁

  • Moonwillow's Chronicle
    Moonwillow's Chronicle

    I hear possums are immune to rabies also. Another plus to having a pet possum.

  • Googadis Beotches
    Googadis Beotches

    It's funny how much the one I found acted like a cat! The silly critter loved having his chin scratched. But never expect that with a wild animal, that one was raised by someone who set it free.

  • Janelle honey-Badger
    Janelle honey-Badger

    Just keep him happy. I think it would be way better to have possums rather than cats, especially in bush land suburbia. As we all know, cats destroy way too many of our smaller native animals. I get tonnes of negative responses from pissed off cat lovers but the facts are undeniable. I’d rather see small birds & animals every now & then instead of the many neighbourhood cats hiding in wait to attack yet another native bird! Get to know your native wildlife, they’re really fascinating to watch.

  • Jale Loiti
    Jale Loiti


  • GraveSky

    Im a dog now human, deal with it

  • MJRF646

    I want that woman to be my friend, she's awesome!!! Butter is so cute, ♡.

  • Anita E
    Anita E

    Aww, I rescued a teenage almost adult possum from my cat and dog who were going to do him in. Didn't think. Just scooped him up. Possum's are tame wild critters. Slept with him. Released him to a safe place nearby after talking with a professional trapper. Sweet night of my life spending it with him.


    'mom' ? Only a mentally ill person calls says this

  • giant slayer
    giant slayer

    GOD made everything beautiful.

  • Isabella M
    Isabella M

    Animals LOVES hugs,kisses and cudles way more than humans

  • Shawn Jenkins
    Shawn Jenkins

    Lemme guess. You're single?

  • Big-Bubba RUNNOFT
    Big-Bubba RUNNOFT

    We raised three Babies like this, who's mother had been hit by a car. 2 of them were released, but one refused to leave. He stayed with us his entire life. They will learn to use a Cat Box on rainy days when they can't go out. They eat just about anything after they mature. And he got along well with our Dog and Cat, except when he would sometimes steal their food when they weren't looking. They do like regular attention. They only live about 3 to 4 years. One thing to remember about them in the wild. They eat thousands of ticks, and other small vermin. They do not contract rabies. They rarely ever bite a human in the wild unless you just get stupid with them. In that case they have really big fangs and can bite the snot out of you. You probably deserved it.

  • LA Reid
    LA Reid

    Hope you keep Butter forever.

  • O Leigh
    O Leigh

    Awww Butter is such a handsome guy! To heck with trying to survive in the wild when you got a pretty mama who gives loads of snuggles and kisses. Bless you both, so lucky to have found each other.

  • The Environmentalist
    The Environmentalist

    I love opposums, they're so misunderstood animals. People are afraid of them and kill them what I've seen. They're just as loving as a dog or cat.

  • Kelli Reece
    Kelli Reece

    I had no idea a possum could be so cute! Stephanie, I am so glad there are still people left in the world like you! Blessings!!

  • Leo Munhoz
    Leo Munhoz

    People, here in Brazil, kill this animal because they eat the chiken eggs in the Farm

  • Shrek Platinum
    Shrek Platinum

    I tried to care for 3 tiny hairless opossums. My dog killed their mom and sat her in our driveway. I went out there to mover her but babies are all over the yard. My ma stepped on one by accident and the rest were dead from trauma. I kept them warm and fed them til they lost the will to eat anymore. I wish it would have gone better

  • iambiggus

    Wild Possum in the garage late at night: "Death monster from every nightmare!" Tame Possum messing with Mom's hair: "Where do I get one?"

  • Kelly Kinchin
    Kelly Kinchin

    Crazy cute!😍

  • Mr11thhour

    He looks like Dr Fauci lol

  • Liz Kilic
    Liz Kilic

    Gorgeous,,, such a happy story, God bless you and little Butter ❤❤💕💕💕

  • Goobert Froobert
    Goobert Froobert

    Big mouse.

  • Kristine Spicer
    Kristine Spicer

    So cute🥰🤗

  • MOTat18

    These shits are disgusting, I don't understand why people like them.

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young

    I'm stuck between 🤢 and 😍

  • 1220b

    The bloody thing is massive at the end..

  • vegavak

    Opossums are the gentlest creatures. They don't even need to be domesticated.

  • Pat Atkinson
    Pat Atkinson

    What does he eat? What do u feed him?

  • clusterfuck

    Why does the lady sound like Helen from the incredibles…..

  • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
    Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

    Various animals can follow the same path to domestication like dogs and cats did.

  • Cleo Vintora
    Cleo Vintora

    🤭🤭🤭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰hi butter

  • logan

    the lifespans like 2-4 years like i reckon just keep em

  • Bibi Blu
    Bibi Blu


  • Ed Burton
    Ed Burton

    Wow- I always thought Opossums were sketchy and ugly- until now. Thank you!

  • The Spectator
    The Spectator

    What a lovley little boy :)

  • Hibbenflabber Schnibberwibbit
    Hibbenflabber Schnibberwibbit

    Put the Butter on, the dog, it's the Butter dog.

  • Ma Jab
    Ma Jab

    Shows affection by rubbing against your feet? Damn, should've called him Quentin.

  • Malakiyah Amari
    Malakiyah Amari

    I wonder how little butter is going to start acting when it's time to mate. *Butter* : ok hey mom remember that time you talked about letting me go.. welllllll I been thinking.... 😂

  • WayHighDudeMan

    Everybody has a plan til they get slubbed in the face.

  • Alonda Lenton
    Alonda Lenton

    Ummm it’s a hard no for me. I just can’t believe you are not scared.

  • Snarkastic Squid
    Snarkastic Squid

    Butter is only the cutest thing on the planet

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison

    He is a real cutie you are a great mom

  • Tari saher
    Tari saher

    This baby is such a doll

  • Amadeu Oliveira
    Amadeu Oliveira

    Congratulations. You are a great person !!!!! Love you and Butter.

  • ChainRocker

    this opossum is like a cat and a guinea pig combined

  • bigalpo1988

    thanks lady now i gotta go out and get opossum

  • M A C K 215
    M A C K 215

    The thumbnail is disgusting. Change it😷🤢🤮

  • Rossana Ruffing
    Rossana Ruffing


  • Blanca Sappington
    Blanca Sappington

    So cute 💋thanks for sharing 🪴

  • Bill Reid
    Bill Reid

    When animals bond like that to humans, the human race takes another small step forward...

  • Paula Countryman
    Paula Countryman

    In addition to Butter choosing to be yours, you and he have educated many on how loving possums truly are. Bless you both!

  • Ted Ned
    Ted Ned

    Yep my princess is the same way haha

  • JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com
    JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com

    It would be helpful if The Dodo would share what the legal issues are when saving wildlife. Where I live it's illegal to have a wild animal as a pet without proper legal approval, but there is so much need for the animals to be saved.

  • Brian F
    Brian F

    Lol. Said a opossum. Noooo. Now I love him. So cute

  • Cabbage Queen
    Cabbage Queen

    commenting so youtube knows to keep recommending me opossum videos

  • Verona H.
    Verona H.

    We have 3 wild in and near our yard, one comes every night. I named them all "Chompers!" If I call them, within a minute or 2, one of them will show up. I've never seen them Play Dead, they are very calm and never try to hurt any of the other wild animals. Recently a large Racoon had 4 tiny super cute babies, now all 5 of them will randomly show up and mess with poor Chompers. They are just sweet animals.

  • Ag21

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  • Chuck OBryan
    Chuck OBryan

    now i want one

  • jouni k
    jouni k

    Wild animals loose survive in nature when human is messing, knowing what to do is in brain, humans also lost just hairless monkey

  • wil Moltalvan
    wil Moltalvan

    Salvemos al planeta tierra. Basta de tantos seres humanos. Debemos de tener máximo 1 hijo por pareja. La sobrepoblación mundial el mayor flagelo

  • Carl Collins
    Carl Collins

    Due to their physiology, it is almost impossible to keep a captive opposum healthy and even harder to know when it's sick or find a vet that cn help. Every single expert advises don 't do it. I do hope this one proves to be the exception.

  • 67buzzo

    How is it being for you trying to hav a boyfriend?! Lol



  • Your Mom’s favorite
    Your Mom’s favorite

    That’s a huge ass mouse!