Otter Jumps On Guy’s Boat To Escape Orca | The Dodo

  • Spaghetti

    I love how the otter was about to jump, then thought about it a moment and decided to stay on the boat.

  • Yasser Boumediane
    Yasser Boumediane

    0:40 Orca: FINE! you win this time...

  • Private Setting
    Private Setting

    This guy is a moron. What he did, was continuously bug the poor thing, so it has fear from all sides.

  • Floating F
    Floating F

    Safespot in video games be like:

  • Elizabeth hd
    Elizabeth hd

    Yep looking for a free ride what a great video

  • Pancake Waffle
    Pancake Waffle


  • King of The Domain of Fire Dragons
    King of The Domain of Fire Dragons

    Wonder why the Orca didn't attack the boat. Of course I am kidding, there is no way it would be that dumb.

  • cowardlycourage

    Not like the orca has to eat or anything... "it's an energy I've never felt before off of an orca" like if the orca was just some fucking serial killer looking for kicks. I dunno, genius, maybe it was fucking hungry?

  • BatShhade

    The beautiful orca left in hunger😮😯

  • Kingdom 123
    Kingdom 123

    Animals struggle to lives their life. They eat each other

  • maverator

    Well, honestly it wasn’t *exactly* like the boat captain was in the water with the orca.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    super cool video

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    Throw the thing back in or the wale rams your boat

  • Клавдия Кузьмина
    Клавдия Кузьмина


  • rahul rampersaud
    rahul rampersaud

    We need more humans like than man

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    Great video. I'd love to know specifically where this was.

  • Genny Reid
    Genny Reid

    This is a great example of how people should back right off with their mobile phones or whatever. The orca was right up to the boat when the otter dived back into the water to get away from the bloke approaching it, talking at it and filming. A bit of common sense would be great. It’s an easy choice - definitely save the otter - or get all your filming done.

  • Jazzy Titanic
    Jazzy Titanic

    Did the otter live? I stopped watching when it looked like he was being eaten.

  • Geovanni Nunez
    Geovanni Nunez

    You are a good human

  • بسام صبري الصراوي
    بسام صبري الصراوي

    orca is criminal & evil 😈

  • alan burge
    alan burge

    Fantastic and awesome great stuff great video thumbs up !

  • Kalel Kent
    Kalel Kent

    When someone is kitting a raid boss around.

  • but i can sing many anime songs
    but i can sing many anime songs

    no ozzyman fans? no?

  • ritesh singh
    ritesh singh

    I didn't otter a single word..

  • National Geographic Animals
    National Geographic Animals


  • henri matisse
    henri matisse

    Orcas don't have enuf to eat. Too bad they eat the Undemocatic Party; I would be happy to push some members over the side

  • More iz Lyfe
    More iz Lyfe

    Ok but that orca gave serious side eye. Like 👀 you got a problem human.

  • Central2016

    Lots of overly serious people in the comments. Video was cute.

  • K M
    K M

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    Nature makes me sad. I'm happy the otter got away but now the whale goes hungry. :-/

    • Stephanie Schaffer
      Stephanie Schaffer

      Hardly. An otter is just a morsel to a whale that normally eats whole schools of fish or a porpoise. He just thought he was going to get an easy snack.

  • Hamid Safaipour
    Hamid Safaipour

    Good job man,God bless you.

  • Richie Rich 69
    Richie Rich 69

    Who would have thought that an Orca would fancy an Otter for lunch?! Good job at Otter protection. That Orca was pissed off Man! 😂 👍😋

  • abrantino

    Firefighter instincts ...

  • Sakonema

    Kill all Orca and make food for cats!

  • Kevin Budzisch
    Kevin Budzisch

    The better kevin superfamily file because mouth chemically hammer anenst a wry hallway. false familiar famous, pale notebook

  • flitzer

    You are the greatest heroes (humanity) thinks saves an animal from being eaten, but the opposite is the case ! The word is called nature, == eat and be eaten ! You know from the rich bonzes ... you also helps no one !😖

  • God's Forces on Earth
    God's Forces on Earth

    Killer whale is the ultimate predator

    • God's Forces on Earth
      God's Forces on Earth

      @Lillith fair Yes , if you were animal too Mosquitoes kill the most in fact

    • Lillith fair
      Lillith fair

      Human beings are the ultimate predators.

  • nikki _
    nikki _

    I don't know why I read this as "Guy jumps on boat to escape Orca"

  • chad windham
    chad windham

    i was cheering for the orca.

  • Ronda Smith
    Ronda Smith

    I'm a lover of both the gorgeous Orcas and otters but I'm glad the little one escaped and got in the boat🥰

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant

    I'm sure the otter owed that orca money.

  • Kevin Budzisch
    Kevin Budzisch

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  • sujit dildar
    sujit dildar

    I have been rejoicing ever since I got rid of my genital herpes with the herbs supplement I ordered from Dr. IGUDIA on SVname. God almighty continue to bless you sir

  • jim wortham
    jim wortham

    Thanks for posting so nice to see cool things on SVname now and then

  • Risk

    Plot twist- the orca followed the boat and after the otter jumped off the orca ate her gg

  • meh potato
    meh potato

    Orca: He stole my fish unhand him to me human

  • Lion’s Den
    Lion’s Den

    That cute little feller would’ve most like got eaten if you weren’t there. A sweet victory for the little guy.

  • Melody Macken
    Melody Macken

    Oh my goodness. Brilliant and one pissed off Orka.

  • BK 0546
    BK 0546

    Kick it back in the water

  • AnthonydoesYT

    All fun and games till the orca wants to capsize the ship

  • steven mensching
    steven mensching

    Thanks for saving that little otter. I appreciate what you did for him. Good luck little buddy.

  • Ernesto Kufoy
    Ernesto Kufoy

    That looks more like a seal than an otter.

  • William Drijver
    William Drijver

    If the dumb cameraman would have kept his distance the otter wouldn't have had to risk his life again. Sheer arrogance and stupidity.

  • John Ames
    John Ames

    little guy knew he would be safe on the boat, he's so smart!

  • John Ames
    John Ames

    2:46 notice he refers to the otter as "he" but to be woke The Dodo makes him refer to it as "she" and even "corrects" it in the text. These woke dopes are pathetic. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I knew something was up. Nice try dodo you have to be the speech police and tell people which default pronouns to use huh. Pathetic!

  • noname noidea
    noname noidea

    Thanks for the feels!! 😊

  • Boo

    1:58 that's tactical af

  • Roosevelt Rayford
    Roosevelt Rayford

    Why did the Otter 🦦 jump back in the water? 'Man I gots to git Otter here'. The 'Otter and the Orca'... Sound like a children's book to me. It was like; into the frying pan, or back in the furnace.

  • Kasslim

    Wait so he didn't stay as your companion to travel the world and catch all the other Pokémon? Aw

  • Sally

    No God would create creatures that had to eat each other to survive.

    • Jim Hammonds
      Jim Hammonds

      It has been this way since the beginning mother nature may seem cruel but every being has to eat unless you can teach orcas compassion

  • Najj Dy
    Najj Dy

    just don't come near the otter, and dont talk as if he understands you. that's why he keep jumping, duh. next time

  • Blue Victory
    Blue Victory

    Once in a lifetime event, how lucky you are and how lucky that little fur baby was to be able to get to your boat in time! 👍🥰🦦💓

  • dfre

    Oh that's awesome 💞😁👍👍👍 Otter saids tku bro! he'd a got me fur sure 😣🐾whoooo

  • Sonja P
    Sonja P

    What an idiot going up close to that poor otter like that.... just makes me so sick to see how stupid some people are when it comes to animals.

  • Hans Overvoorde
    Hans Overvoorde

    That moment in your live you have that otter on deck and an orka is swimming around your ship, we've all been there so many times.

  • Matt E
    Matt E

    I know this is nature.. but that’s so great the otter was smart enough to get on the boat.. I’m glad the guys drove the otter away from harm

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    If you would have backed off with the camera the otter would have stayed on the back of the boat and be safe. He was/is as scared of you and he is the orca. All for a camera shot. Nice human being. Moron

  • T. Danielle Moyers
    T. Danielle Moyers

    Thank you..

  • Matthew Behne
    Matthew Behne

    Orca don't get his.

  • Dancingirl

    This video is older than 1 week and not from the Dodo

  • Christine V.
    Christine V.

    Nature ❤️

  • T-Zay

    🐳: Hey... Toss him to me. 🚣‍♂️: No.

  • Addicted to diving
    Addicted to diving

    When he jumped back into the water the first time I was like oh man 🤦

  • gazewonderer

    The first time I was like get away from the otter so it’s not afraid… Then it won’t jump off the boat again… But who knows…

  • Lawrence Mariano
    Lawrence Mariano

    You should give the otter a space by not filming near...let the otter feel safe....

  • Casper Betz
    Casper Betz

    Cute creature. Tasty though.

  • Orca Whales
    Orca Whales

    Penguins, otters, and seals have been doing this for years. Wonder if this’ll play into their evolution as a natural instinct.

  • Shaun Haley
    Shaun Haley

    Imagine being so cute and getting chased like that.

  • Duck Norris
    Duck Norris

    Spout graphics at :42 . Lol

  • Siluntwolf

    Awww, that's awesome

  • Chris

    Orca should become vegans. Eat seaweed or something.

    • brendalg4

      They are called killer whales for a reason

  • Jesus explains ...
    Jesus explains ...

    The little guy’s a SAVIOR 👍

  • Faith

    Animals r vry smart indeed !! I pity the orca but its so smart jumped onto the boat for safety. Btw ... this guy shldnt go near Orca that frigthen it frm human too.. poor thing ... but happy that it is safe at d end 🐾😙❤ Thank God for it ➕❤ Amen

  • Lucy Tran
    Lucy Tran

    The Orca was probably so annoyed xD He was probably like “damn it you otter that’s not fair”

    • John Ames
      John Ames

      amazing how smart he was to hop on the boat!

  • LaSayle M
    LaSayle M

    Orcas are the humans of the sea. They're the only predators that will toy with an animal, letting them climb onto an ice sheet or something, them knock it back off multiple times before they kill it. Often, they don't even eat it. They'll chase a mother whale & her calf for hundreds of miles, then kill the calf when he's too tired to keep up. They kill the baby, then don't even eat that poor thing, either. If whalers only hunted orcas, I'd cheer them on

    • brendalg4

      That's how they got the name killer whales

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor

    Well done mate your a star

  • Robert Gembala
    Robert Gembala

    Good guy

  • nitdiver5

    Just watching the video I felt the energy from the otter. It was as if my iPhone was glowing. Never felt that from an otter video before or since.

  • rjmidnite

    why don't they set down and stop scaring him .

  • Reavelt

    I hope the otter made it.

  • Leisah Marie
    Leisah Marie

    Orcas can be very mean. I watched a video where one picked up a seal with his mouth and tossed him back then slapped him forward with his tail and caught him in his mouth again. Was using him for a beach ball. And sometimes they beach themselves bum rushing the seals. They only eat certain things on certain animals too. They gang up on whales and ram into them for miles eventually drowning the whale. They are the bullies of the seas

  • Yê

    The otter was fighting for his life. Thanks to help it.

  • Cold Silence
    Cold Silence

    This is a video from many years ago, says it's a week old?

  • Linda Norris
    Linda Norris


  • anniem

    That's one smart otter!!!😊😊👍👍👍

  • SmartyPants

    Poor little thing. Just trying to survive.

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox

    You were stupid for staying close to the otter just so you could get your video !!! You risked that otters life every single time you got close and you could've been the cause of it's death because it was scared of you to. Remember next time to stay far away from the animal so it won't be scared and jump back out of the boat. Every time it did it could've been eaten and it would've been your fault.

  • Pat McTallica
    Pat McTallica

    6 days ago? I saw this weeks ago from the Uploader! Anyway, amazing! 😎

  • SuperChamp INFJ
    SuperChamp INFJ

    Orcas are no joke. I saw them eat a Giant Blue Whale alive.. One of the worst things I have ever seen.

  • Maksim Ghyvoronsky
    Maksim Ghyvoronsky

    Dear everyone on here: the time that the otter spent on the boat per visit has nothing to do with how close the guy was to otter and has everything to do with the clear differences in (and obviously a greatly heightened and renewed) level of fear of the orca actually getting to it! Boat operator did everything right oh while still being able to capture such a wonderful yet harrowing experience on film for us to enjoy. So can we please all just stop hating on the guy and appreciate the event for what it was? 🤷🏽‍♂️ just my two cents😊

    • brendalg4

      I am not hating on a guy... But filming it when he was obviously standing up over it is going to scare it.