Pregnant Pittie Rescued From Chain Has 13 Puppies | The Dodo Pittie Nation

  • Greyley C
    Greyley C

    The smile after the “see you later” 😭

  • XxdaisyfighterXx Hi
    XxdaisyfighterXx Hi

    Just the look in her eyes is so sad but beautiful..she's so cute

  • MrPooPooJohn

    I wonder what type of person would do something like this...🤔

  • Nicole Pras
    Nicole Pras

    Cette maman est envahie par des sangsues ‼️‼️😂😂

  • go crazy ahh go stupid
    go crazy ahh go stupid

    I wish she got to go to a home with at least one of her pups😕 I hate when they all get separated.

  • birgit zaum
    birgit zaum

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy

    I'm an old softie whom loves a happy ending. The owners that kept her chained, should be flogged with the same.

  • Greater Coming
    Greater Coming

    She has beautiful brown eyes. 👀 😍 ♥

  • Charlene Carswell
    Charlene Carswell

    I love that you help here an the puppies. How can i get two of the puppies i was looking for a dog to adpot.

  • Gordon Fisher
    Gordon Fisher

    Thank you beautiful people ❤️

  • Nilav Kumar Jena
    Nilav Kumar Jena

    You are wrong, Lady, One can never have too many puppies. There is no such thing. Chocolate and Puppies, one can never have too many.

  • John Buschman
    John Buschman

    Thank you sooooooooooooooo very much, I can't stop crying. Why are people so horrible?????? If you need any help I can send you some help!!!! PLEASE WRITE BACK AND I will help you any way that I can. Thank you again sooooooo much you are sent from God!!!!!! Joannie🌹🌹🐾🐾💕💕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😇😇😇😇😇😇🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The Environmentalist
    The Environmentalist

    She's absolutely gorgeous. Pittties are the best dogs. It's the POS breeders that use them for profit and sell them to anyone who trains them to fight or attack. I wish the foster could have kept her, I'm not feeling this new family, they look like they live in the middle of the desert?

  • AwesomeJellyBean

    The Bleach T-shirt!!!

  • Art Zuniga
    Art Zuniga

    Can they chain up the previous so called people, who where supposed to be caring for her to a 🌲?

  • Art Zuniga
    Art Zuniga

    It was sad.....but the outcome Truly Amazing

  • Input1914

    Why do we think it's okay to separate animals from their parents?

  • Molly Simmons
    Molly Simmons

    It’s odd how some people cut the ears down on pit bulls dogs. Is that so when they’re used for fighting they don’t get their ears ripped up?

  • Irin Gergis
    Irin Gergis

    Thank u mam …

  • Wilfredo Gomez
    Wilfredo Gomez

    Those are some major muts

  • RP23

    Thank you for saving her and her little puppies. Please take action against those heartless previous owners so that they are not allowed to own any pets. I am praying for momma pitbull and her babies

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith

    Gods little gift. Ty for rescuing her.

  • Voltron Defender of the Universe
    Voltron Defender of the Universe

    That there is no pitbull.


    God bless you all for saving her and I'm so glad the puppies and her found a good home

  • My Border Collie Robin
    My Border Collie Robin

    Let´s go sweet mommy!! everything will be okey...

  • B Palmer
    B Palmer

    People that put dogs on chains & stick them in the yard like an ornament should never be allowed to own an ANIMAL. God Bless You!😭😅😭😅 👍🏼🎀🐕Sooo! Sweet...💋

  • Peyton B. Jessie
    Peyton B. Jessie

    I've had over 10 different pit bulls. None of them were ever aggressive except to adult men that were here to cause problems. Pit bulls are so loyal, and sweet. If you're not prepared to raise a dog correctly, don't have a fucking dog. Period.

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      @Peyton B. Jessie you didn’t mention no dogs . You mentioned red Nose that’s it. The only real red Nose dogs were the Old Family Reds and those dogs had bloodlines. Ferguson’s Centepied is a pit bull and Old Family Red . You can go look it up. No Bloodlines No Pit Bull

    • Peyton B. Jessie
      Peyton B. Jessie

      @Rawjan 39 every single dog i have mentioned was a pit bull. I frankly don't really care about that but my dogs were pit bulls. My point was none of them were aggressive. Ever. Thank you.

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      @Peyton B. Jessie there’s only one pit bull. There’s no several different kinds . The only and real pit bull is the Apbt. Those dogs have bloodlines. Bloodlines are the dogs. Crenshaw Jeep. Jeep is the dog and bloodline

    • Peyton B. Jessie
      Peyton B. Jessie

      @Rawjan 39 that's neither here nor there. I was a child and I didn't know of my dogs' specific bloodline, but we've had several different kinds and all were big babies.

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      @Peyton B. Jessie red Nose is not a bloodline.

  • Ynnnoj V
    Ynnnoj V

    The People, who chained the dog, should be chained to a tree like these dogs. Really grinds my gears

  • Jameel Buggs
    Jameel Buggs

    Whoever chained up this pregnant dog should be locked in solitary confinement for a 1 month

  • Ricardo O. B.
    Ricardo O. B.

    Good job

  • Jennifer Hite
    Jennifer Hite

    Aww poor sweet girl

  • Luis Rangel
    Luis Rangel

    I’m not crying you are🥺🥺🥺

  • Christina Gordon
    Christina Gordon

    Poor mama dog! She would have had her puppies outside while chained up! So cruel! Glad she was rescued!

  • Salma Shahab
    Salma Shahab


  • Gwyn Williams
    Gwyn Williams

    You foster a child! you give a dog a good home .... it's a dog!

  • Melony Leitch
    Melony Leitch

    13 baby whattttttt

  • kaydenpat

    Beautiful brave Mama!!

  • niklas carlsson
    niklas carlsson

    Pitbulls are evil.

    • James Nielsen
      James Nielsen

      They should all be euthanized.

  • Zhyt


  • Maurice Nixon
    Maurice Nixon

    It's always weird when I see people giving puppies away. Like if your daughter had 13 kids would you give them away? 🤣

  • Kristine Squires
    Kristine Squires

    What happened to the puppies?

  • kei9th1

    How can I get one of her puppies.

  • weatherwax 8
    weatherwax 8

    You are an absolute gift to this world to see a very pregnant dog, that was obviously in distress and DO something about it. You’re and angel taking care of God’s precious creatures! I hope your life is blessed as you have blessed many others! Thank you!

  • R Mason
    R Mason

    It is terrible to see what ghe people did , l am extremely happy that they let her go

  • Alex and Kaitlyn grant
    Alex and Kaitlyn grant

    My heart is literally melting...

  • sadique


  • Rose Nicole
    Rose Nicole

    I would adopt her in a second!

  • Christian King
    Christian King

    Pure Evil to get take 13 children away from parents.

  • Christian King
    Christian King

    So you rip her family away from her and put he her with another and you think your doing good 😤😤😤

  • Brandi Tew
    Brandi Tew

    She was just so scared to give birth. She knew it was going to be so bad. She tried to be ok. I'm glad someone helped her. I'd be the person sleeping on the pallet next to her till she was ok and gave birth. Then she would be adopted and then mine forever


    I would love the company of a new friend but I would be concerned about Vet fees, I could afford the food and the affection but being on disability would make vet fees a real concern. :(

  • Badá Rock
    Badá Rock

    This is a story that should be taught at school and shown on TV so everybody would learn the value of life, and how kindness can literally save lives. You made me cry. No pregnant mommy should be treated like that. But you saved her, and made the world better. Thank you. ❤

  • Jeannette Mateo
    Jeannette Mateo

    IAM sick and tire hearing how people with these poor pets. I look for when the law make it difficult. These pets cannot take care of themselves. All they looking for is a good safe home and love.

  • David Borsari
    David Borsari

    Great rescue, beautiful family

  • Wood killer
    Wood killer

  • Vansh Parjapat
    Vansh Parjapat

    He you gave me this dog

    • Vansh Parjapat
      Vansh Parjapat

      In india

  • Cabrini Copia
    Cabrini Copia

    here we ago again with humans being god awful to animals. It's great we have good people who mend the situation but all those years of abuse is beyond horrific, we shouldn't need any mending in the first place.

  • cpt awesome
    cpt awesome

    When the babies come out black.

  • SheltieShangriLa

    Rescue is bittersweet. I'll never forget the first Sheltie I adopted out. He went to an incredible home who loved him until the day he died. But I tell you what, I bawled my eyes out, all the while apologizing to Kinzey as I sent him off with a couple of strangers. My eyes were so swollen from crying the next morning that I couldn't get my contact lenses in so I had to call out sick from work.

  • Elodie Elvira
    Elodie Elvira

    Ok but why are there no consequences for the people who chained a pregnant dog to a tree in their backyard??? Sue their disgusting ass

  • Nadia Paz
    Nadia Paz

    Why did they put that blue thing around her neck???

  • Julia Montalvo
    Julia Montalvo

    God bless her ❤❤❤

  • Lorraine Marshall
    Lorraine Marshall

    I wish the person who mangled the dogs ears, could have the same done to them.

  • HELLO Howareyou
    HELLO Howareyou

    For me this isn’t real

  • Diana Zetina Vázquez
    Diana Zetina Vázquez

    Espero de corazón q la amén y la cuiden como se debe y sea una integrante más de la familia y no para uso individuo pues seleve en su carita q es noble

  • Thecoolbonnie

    Why have a dog, just to keep them chained up suffering... They have feelings, and wants, and love to give. The beginning of this, was so hard to watch, Knowing that this sh#* still goes on for other dogs

  • New Life
    New Life

    She is so beautiful

  • Nancy

    Pitbull tears off arm of beautiful-hearted black woman Texas USA 2018. KSAT TV. Watch "Video: Dog attack victim: Life ‘forever changed’ after arm severed during vicious pit bull attack" on SVname

  • Bonnie Kuncl
    Bonnie Kuncl


  • KcLee677

    Awww, black puppies.. so cute.

  • Tamara McRae
    Tamara McRae

    I seriously hate people…. But I appreciate those who help others and animals in need. 😭

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    So worth the wait... I'm so thankful that she got her just do and that she is safe and all of the babies are safe and hopefully away from any harm💗💗💗

  • greg tichy
    greg tichy

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  • Chris smith
    Chris smith

    you guys are amazing thank you

  • Melinda Thompson
    Melinda Thompson

    Wowwww I am a Pit lover. This is a sweet story and you are so special in my eyes. 👏🙏🏻

  • Maria Andriopoulou
    Maria Andriopoulou

    Gof loves the poor people.. He blesses and loves the prosper people too... he inspires them to help, and most of them, really do... So in God hands both are precious...what anout animsls ; God made dog too..

  • Lela Calhoun
    Lela Calhoun


  • Luna M.
    Luna M.

    The idiots that chained her up, I wish someone would chain them to a tree. I'm sorry, usually I am a forgiving person but this was just extremely cruel.

  • Mary Jo Coletta
    Mary Jo Coletta

    Unbelievable what is wrong with people they need to go to jail

    • Narender Makhijani
      Narender Makhijani

      Just look around see what people do to people. Look at the history dear ! Animals r better than so called humans !

  • Julie Aucoin
    Julie Aucoin

    I hope she never goes on a chain again. God bless

  • Xiomara Polanco
    Xiomara Polanco

    Thank you 🙏🏽 GodBless 🙏🏽

  • Crg54

    Some people should be tied up instead of this poor dog!

  • vip_cars

    Why pitbulls only? I see only pitbulls are being dumped!

  • Selinor578

    So all her puppies were taken away from her? How does that make her feel?

    • Narender Makhijani
      Narender Makhijani

      At least leave one or two behind with her

  • Selinor578

    1:28 Or, as we say in the real world...a mother of puppies.

  • Mirna  Ribeiro
    Mirna Ribeiro

    Angele mama y babys🥰❤Luccili Angeles Hermosos

  • Sharon Eastwood.
    Sharon Eastwood.

    Arrrrr she looked right into your eyes when you told her to be good girl.

  • Sharon Eastwood.
    Sharon Eastwood.

    Thank you 😊 beatiful, kind lovely lady for rescuing one of God's dogs and her babies.

  • Sharon Eastwood.
    Sharon Eastwood.

    Should have shown us all those evilllllll, stupid ignorant 😤 people faces.

  • Amelia Bedelia
    Amelia Bedelia

    How she get pregnant if she chained up?


    C'mon pitbull haters is what you wanted pitbulls chained y'all are just as sadistic as pit bulls

  • Kelly Saddlemire
    Kelly Saddlemire

    Pregnant and about to give birth on a chain can you fucking imagine what horrible people live in our world anymore God help us all thank you for this rescue

  • Elena Ortiz
    Elena Ortiz

    The owners should be in jail

  • Cheryl George
    Cheryl George


  • Leo Esrar
    Leo Esrar

    these monologues are the same in every single video, SHE KNEW THAT SHE WAS BEEN SAVED. lol how much more obv can u make this clickfarming

  • Lindsey Chalkley
    Lindsey Chalkley

    So happy for her 🙏🏻🐶❤️

  • Puja Singh
    Puja Singh

    They're all same wow

  • Chris Macht
    Chris Macht

    I love you sooo much 😘

  • Madmutts78

    Humans neve cease to disgust me how they treat other beings. I'm so glad the mother found a home because they are the ones that are often overlooked. She is an absolute stunning dog and she did her pups proud. Good luck to them all ❤️

    • Narender Makhijani
      Narender Makhijani

      Humans treat other humans ! Sad

  • poisonivy supastar
    poisonivy supastar