Puppy Grows Up With Little Girl During Quarantine | The Dodo Foster Diaries

  • Elle W.
    Elle W.

    Aware “the morning lovies”

  • Kirara And Family
    Kirara And Family

    We just hope none of these dogs went back to shelters after quarantine was over.

  • Sovietsky Productions
    Sovietsky Productions

    Children and dogs go together like spaghetti and meatballs. They grow up together learning to care for each other.

  • Nicole cardwell
    Nicole cardwell

    I love you puppy

  • Celena Casciani
    Celena Casciani

    That was such a great story! It's so great you got to keep Gretel/Raven. I hope you get to see Hansel from time to time.

  • Valerie Diaz
    Valerie Diaz

    Has anybody read Hansel and Gretel

  • Sophieslazy

    Driving everyone crazy BUT being cute at the same time...the recipe of pets' success xD

  • Yuxuan Cheung
    Yuxuan Cheung

    How many of this Covid puppies will be end up at the shelter?

  • LinqBox

    Why separate the siblings? Hope he went to a good family. During the 2020 pandemic family were getting pets for the wrong reasons. In 2021 large amount of dogs were given back to shelter. Home who ever got him really wanted a dog.

  • Mirna  Ribeiro
    Mirna Ribeiro

    Angeles Dios los bendiga família hermosa

  • CyndiTx123

    I love this sooo much! Thank you for sharing the love for your babies and fur babies!

  • Nigel Hawthorne
    Nigel Hawthorne

    I have seen this “husband” before here on Dodo. Is he an actor??

  • JMB

    Letting your babies grow up with animals is the best thing you can do for them.

  • Cheryl Ween
    Cheryl Ween

    Why were the dogs split up and why was Gretel's name changed?

  • cris dlcruz
    cris dlcruz

    Correction on title Partial shutdown of the US economy in the second quarter Or wealth redistribution

  • Jon Montgomery
    Jon Montgomery

    Doggos! They were, and are, adorable!

  • Kylasbibi

    So cute! Looks like part GSD, part collie and part German Pointer! So stinking cute!!!

  • R M
    R M

    Tears of happiness for you all

  • Paweł Tubacki
    Paweł Tubacki

    Imagine growing in Normal world. Thank your goverment

  • KES1184

    The dog is going "these are my babies." Lol 😂🥰

  • julia potato
    julia potato

    Here before 10k subs

  • 오세륜

    but poor hansel tho..girl you should keep hansel too 🥺

  • Pam Heumphreus
    Pam Heumphreus

    What a lovely family!! Warm wishes to you all!

  • Master Adithya Anil
    Master Adithya Anil

    I miss my dog very much. He passed away 2 years ago. I still miss him, we grew up together, we were of the same age too.🥺🥺

  • The Flying Squirrels
    The Flying Squirrels

    8 months pregnant plus 2 pups and she's cool with it- wow. PUPPIES are HARd work. Its not all fun n fluff...so this a bit misleading Pups need so much interaction n training and are quite time n energy demanding. If u take on pups do so with yer eyes open. ...please.

  • Sathish Jayabalan
    Sathish Jayabalan


  • Leila K
    Leila K

    You should have kept both together. Hansel was also so very loving. He will be impacted by losing his sister but his family too, all at once.

  • Anusha Liyanage
    Anusha Liyanage

    Lovely they look mix with germen saparet

  • ebony sabbs
    ebony sabbs

    This story warmed my heart ❤️ I fostered two puppies in March and ended up keeping them both!! They are sisters and quit the handful, but I wouldn’t want it any other way❤️❤️sometimes it can be so hard to say goodbye.

  • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
    Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

    Pets babysitting children are amusing to watch.

  • 171QA


  • Drool Alot
    Drool Alot

    As soon as the quarantine starts, they say what's going to happen to the dogs. 🤔 How about, what's going to happen to the homeless veterans?

  • xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx
    xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx

    Oh look another repost, I already seen the story of this family dodo get more creative seriously

  • Marvin Martian
    Marvin Martian

    Sheep and puppo

  • les go
    les go

    I don't get it. What's the purpose of getting a puppy and getting attached just to let them go ??

  • Benessa Planter
    Benessa Planter

    I just don't see how people don't like these kinds of videos, are the dislikes because ya'll weren't loved enough as chilldren?🤔🤷🏿🤔🤷🏿

  • AceKing Q
    AceKing Q

    I felt very uncomfortable when Hansel left the family.. also it made me squirm when they renamed Gretel to 'Raven'.. I began to hate the family for some reason and now I'm feeling very irritable.

  • Are You Mad Bro?XD
    Are You Mad Bro?XD

    It’s puppies not puppy. There are two.

  • Cicakkibin

    Anyone caught recent news about new pets being returned to shelters after the lockdowns? A pet is for life and a member of the family. Do not adopt of buy one if not ready for a lifetime commitment.

  • Elizabeth Brandon
    Elizabeth Brandon

    I am glad you kept the dog. Strong bonding needs to be respected.

  • Jordi Nagel
    Jordi Nagel

    Legitimately curious: why rename her? Wouldn’t that confuse the dog, not to mention the daughter?

  • Gayle Payne
    Gayle Payne

    The highfalutin yam methodically squeak because regret optically load at a acceptable eagle. sassy, tired account

  • Adapa : it's my name.
    Adapa : it's my name.

    What is this quarantine for?

  • Rude Diego
    Rude Diego

    I love that they named their daughter Betty.

  • ivanovsd

    Wow they really made you stay at home there huh, in my country it was more like play pretent for the EU masters

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha

    All this only to be sent back to animal shelter once quarantine ends and they are not able to take care of them.

  • JC3rd

    Another statistic of humans just using dogs for quarantine. Good thing they kept the one dog. But poor Hansel had to bounce around just because these people are done with him. Is this typical America?

  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator

    You blurred out Dr. Seuz because you think he's racists. Idiots.

  • Bjorn Grondelaers
    Bjorn Grondelaers

    Dogs aint toys you cant buy them because you are bored trashy people

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube

    Amazing stuff

  • mike Cook
    mike Cook

    i could say a bunch of s***! , but i didnt raise two dogs and deal with all the stuff that goes along with doing all that

  • Arthur Weaver
    Arthur Weaver

    Has there been a reunion?

  • Bindu S
    Bindu S

    7am is too late.

  • Holly

    How some of y'all gonna downvote this video ? It's so sweet and wholesome. Thank goodness for foster families like them.

  • OptimusWombat

    Does a dog get confused when its name suddenly changes?

  • Barro.


  • Judith Hand
    Judith Hand

    That was so cool! I love to see people that have the ability and resources to foster pets. This couple and their children are just so perfect for that experience. Go, Raven! and new baby and all of you guys! Thanks for sharing this with us. I so appreciate it.

  • aLaa aLi
    aLaa aLi

    My heart is melting.. This is the cutest family ever

  • Jewels

    ask anyone or just think and you never would have gotten a puppy with a toddler much less two!!!!! Thoughtless parents and owners


    Glad to see y’all just followed orders and stayed in your house like good little automatons

  • Becca Machado
    Becca Machado

    Quarantine is over… 😒🙄

  • Sue Zbell
    Sue Zbell

    So "foster"? How can you not keep them after a year of that cuteness. Hope the siblings can visit each other.

  • mallkeese


  • OoOo OoOoO
    OoOo OoOoO

    Who’s excited to see how many families dump their dogs after quarantine is over and they’re back to work 🤚

  • Joey Boedeker
    Joey Boedeker

    Partners for life

  • lemard mays
    lemard mays

    Looking very cute with the whole family. Congrats Mom and Dad with your new baby and the little older daughter and little cute dog.

  • Hulkerine100

    Oh gosh, this brought me close to tears 😭❤❤

  • Sanjana Sharma
    Sanjana Sharma

    We should not separte sibling dogs or families.🥺...they should have someone of their kind too

  • Brandon Baerga
    Brandon Baerga

    Should have kept both dogs together

  • Mary Ann Lay Lanzon
    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon



    Love Raven. Go Ravens Janice from Baltimore 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Lars Pardo
    Lars Pardo

    you should have kept Hansel, dogs need the companionship of their own species....

  • Kanika Gupta
    Kanika Gupta

    Aww, i am crying.

  • Heidrun Schwartz
    Heidrun Schwartz

    i hope soooo much that not so many of these dogs that where adopted and bought during covid times end in shelters and in some countries even in kill shelters because they get bigger, parents have to be at work again, dogs make problems, dog schools where closed, people didn't educate themselves about training...

  • PsychoNikki

    That Raven must be an angel in her past life

  • Wade Harris
    Wade Harris

    They split em up ? Poor critters

  • Amanda Turner
    Amanda Turner

    "Morning lovies"😊🐕🐕🐨

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer

    Big doggies are so good with young kids, they let them kick them on accident & pet them really hard. They’re such loving & patient doggies! 🐶🥰

  • Michael Quaid
    Michael Quaid

    Cool story. But pretty moronic changing the dog's name after calling her by a different name for a number of months



  • David 777
    David 777

    Why’s that children is book censored ?

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall

    I'm not a dog person but this is cute. They should have kept them together.

    • Leah Woods
      Leah Woods

      I’m so you You M

    • IAM NOOB
      IAM NOOB

      That's quiet expensive tho.

  • Kimberly Smoot
    Kimberly Smoot

    You broke up the family.

  • Kerry MeADE
    Kerry MeADE

    The puppies are adorable,but please quit with the bad acting class.

  • Mario Cervoni
    Mario Cervoni

    Love that story

  • Mooseydog

    Must be from Maryland eh?😊

  • P S
    P S

    Therapy animals are so appreciated :)

  • Christina Mathis
    Christina Mathis

    Video is so cute but that background sound in the beginning is horrible, it sounds like someone smacking their food while eating.

  • Captain K
    Captain K

    This could have been better. So happy for everyone involved.

  • Theodore Manthovani
    Theodore Manthovani

    "We'll take any dogs right now" is the one sentence heavenly wished by shelters.

  • Kim Runyan
    Kim Runyan

    What a wonderful story! Your daughters and Raven are so fortunate to have you as parents❤️

  • David Elkington
    David Elkington


  • ashley beebe
    ashley beebe

    Why did you separate them.. How horrible.

  • James Sheehy
    James Sheehy

    I'm glad they found forever homes but it sure would have been hard for me to let any one of them go that was in love the first 30 seconds of this video

  • jake

    Awwww the brown dog in the footage wanted to join the family awww the poor guy seems to be sad

  • Matthias Powerbomb
    Matthias Powerbomb

    It makes me sad that you split them up.

  • I was wondering
    I was wondering

    So cute!😃😃😃😃🌅🌱🌻🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • O'Ryan

    "Family starts *two week* quarantine." There I fixed your caption.

  • Leslie Swiman
    Leslie Swiman


  • Wanderer _Fella'
    Wanderer _Fella'

    Ohhhhhh My heartttt!