Scared Foster Dog Hid In The Bushes On Walks | The Dodo Foster Diaries

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  • David Harris
    David Harris

    You’re caging and leashing a living thing that clearly wants nothing to do with you and then you’re broadcasting the act like it’s something to be proud of. You’re enslaving an animal and you’re bragging about how you broke him. Think before you post disgusting trash like this. In a few generations, enslaving animals will be seen as the act of cruelty it is and people like you will be remembered the way we currently despise slave owners.

  • Madeline Chang
    Madeline Chang

    WHEN WAS THIS DOG BORN? My dog looks EXACTLY like him lol!

  • burningskullhead1

    The poor thing looked so scared the patience this woman had for him shows how loving she is and it paid off fir both of them thank you fir helping him your both so loving you belong together ❤

  • Nikki Berry
    Nikki Berry

    I wasn't expecting this to make me cry, but here I am.

  • Sunrise Sunrise
    Sunrise Sunrise

    Please people be loving to dogs, they deserve our care & love.

  • Cesar Guillen
    Cesar Guillen

    Forrest Is one Beautiful dog.

  • Katherine Johnson
    Katherine Johnson

    It just warms my heart to see these pets find their forever homes.

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M

    He's adorbs! So glad he has a forever home where he is loved.

  • G F
    G F

    Why didn't anybody take the harness off?

  • Shooketh Deer
    Shooketh Deer

    My dog looks like that, just 10 times chubbier-

  • L Barnhill
    L Barnhill

    It's said that patience is a virtue. This young lady is full of virtue. 🙏

  • E. E.
    E. E.


  • Neil

    Lovely, well Done. Be proud

  • Deborah Malaise
    Deborah Malaise

    I hope that everyone who abuses animals have a special place in hell!! 😢

  • Mili J
    Mili J

    May God bless you 🐾🐾😘

  • Janet Dear
    Janet Dear

    Aww bless him, some times it takes a bit longer for animals to get use to love, safety and trust, even tho it can be frustrating, it's worth it in the end, great video thanks 💖😁

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  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Yay ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • April in Alabama
    April in Alabama

    He looks just like my dog Scooby Doo 😁❤️

  • April in Alabama
    April in Alabama


  • Bonnie R
    Bonnie R

    A year and a half and my rescue dog will not walk on a leash. Does not like men. Will not walk up to people who visit. Still hides in corner. But on the upside she has begun to warm up to me.

  • jBone4400

    Wait what?! So you got him to overcome his timidness by just getting more dogs? That kinda sucks because I have a new dog like this and I was hoping to learn how to cope and help him out. You really showed us nothing in that regard. I guess I need to adopt another dog lol

  • Delete Bilderberg
    Delete Bilderberg

    Love and patience. Beautiful ❤️

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz

    I almost have to skip the sad parts but it leads to happy tears in the end. Bravo nice work. Thank you.

  • Elise Vautour
    Elise Vautour

    God Bless sunshine. Much Gratitude. 🐾🐾🥰🌞

  • Black Polished Chrome
    Black Polished Chrome

    Run Forrest, run!

  • Lisa Campbell
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  • Dave Bartosh
    Dave Bartosh

    I'm a grown man and a former paratrooper. I had to hold back tears imagining what terrible things this poor dog had to have gone through to be broken like that.

  • Aloha!

    Earning trust from animals is not easy, but it is so rewarding and precious💗

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts



    Omg 💔💔

  • Macguyver 869
    Macguyver 869

    Sad part is you gave him a friend and then left the friendship and messed him up again no doubt!!! At least you are helping our little friends.

  • Wolf92

    Glad that he's okay 🙂 And that he has loving family 🙂

  • Sharon Smelser
    Sharon Smelser

    My dog Annie (Orphan Annie) was like this. I found her in a remote forest/woods in Arkansas & managed to catch her. She was adult size but had 1 baby tooth, so she must have been dumped. She had flees, ticks, worms, skin condition & was emaciated. She lived in my walk in closet for 4mo & I had to carry her (40lbs) outside. It's been 2yrs now & she is a happy girl w only a few quirks. I adore her.

  • Carrie Sunday
    Carrie Sunday

    What sweet boy 💙🐾🐾

  • Jennifer Turner-Oliveira
    Jennifer Turner-Oliveira

    How heartbreaking. What amazing patience you showed!

  • Firmo Antônio Salgado
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  • Love Dogs
    Love Dogs

    I love that precious little puppy

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    Beautiful guy. So sad he’s traumatized from abuse. There’s a cold place in hell for people that mistreat a dog like this

  • Harsh Shirgaonkar
    Harsh Shirgaonkar


  • wendy sickinger
    wendy sickinger

    Hurrah for you forest! You deserved a loving home and love and never got it. Untill now! To all the loving people who cared and loved you! Finally you got love,hurrah!

  • nader haidar
    nader haidar

    thank you for helping him

  • Donna Viestenz
    Donna Viestenz

    Awww! So very sweet!!!

  • Carmel Capricorn
    Carmel Capricorn

    I pray he get the respect and treatment he deserves. No less. A chance at life. Dignity.

  • A Marie
    A Marie

    Ooooh that long dog stretch at the end back legs out. Very cool to see.

  • Scott Garibaldi
    Scott Garibaldi

    Woah - this dog is the spitting image of my dog

  • Jack M
    Jack M

    The only thing about this that pisses me off is the dogs have crates and I know it’s smart and apparently comfortable and it just doesn’t sit right with me.”

  • Almonds look
    Almonds look

    Hi puppy

  • Anjali Kashyap
    Anjali Kashyap

    God bless you baby I love you

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson

    "A gentleman" - I think not.

  • Rachel Weinstein
    Rachel Weinstein

    This was heartwarming. You could feel his pain! You did a marvelous job with him; all around. Kudos! 👏👏👏💕

  • Yann Pinguet
    Yann Pinguet

    The dodo videos make me want to cry 😢 what a sweet doggy I’m glad he’s happy now

  • Elżbieta Kozak
    Elżbieta Kozak

    Thank you ❤

  • 12thDecember

    I was going to say that any scared dog is going to respond positively to such an angelic voice as the woman in this video. Her voice is incredibly calming and reassuring when she talks to Forrest. Then I see her name is Angela. So perfect. ❤️

  • econ0611

    “A gentleman” …. more like a jerk. Thanks Angela for fostering.

  • KameraShy

    The look of sadness in that dog's eyes is heartbreaking.

  • Kathleen Tyson
    Kathleen Tyson

    These people are my heroes ,my incredible son has had several rescue dogs,god bless them for the compassion they show to these wounded ,lovely animals 😍😍

  • Toots !
    Toots !

    What breed(s) is Forrest?

  • novo 66
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  • Elizabeth Edwards
    Elizabeth Edwards

    We adopted a 7 month old puppy labeled "fearful" by the Humane Society shelter. He'd been born in a kennel, given to a high-kill shelter, then put on a train from Arkansas to Lansing, MI, all in those 7 months. When we got him home, he ran and hid under the futon couch in our back room. We had to carry him outside to potty and back in for about a week. As I type this he's laying against my leg with his head on my foot. I'm his emotional support human.

  • PaxPirate

    From my experience with my adopted street dog: They may seem docile now, but give it a couple of years and suddenly you might have a exuberant 2end puppy stage! My old lady has started getting cheeky, going through the trash, trying to steal food and actually wagging her tail now! It's so wonderful to see this nervous, careful little lady open up and becoming a fearless, comfortable menace and we adore her endlessly. :D

  • Jyvaine orchids
    Jyvaine orchids

    He as been abused

  • Kate Lugg
    Kate Lugg

    That's so sad that he lived in such fear. I wish we were allowed to treat the owners the same way

  • Auspicious Cloud
    Auspicious Cloud

    Needed more snuggles, looked depressed and so sad... 💔

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee

    Did the Hersheys man get the dog yet?

  • friliktv

    What kind of dog is he?

  • Tiny Squish
    Tiny Squish

    So sad for the dog! glad he's doing better!

  • Tober Trees
    Tober Trees

    God Bless Forest

  • Sar_E_Bear

    Carolina Dogs are timid at first, but once that is done, they are velcro dogs. I love my CD, also called American Dingos. Someone abandoned him near the Las Vegas Strip. We found him in a landscape planter curled in the tightest ball. He was the easiest rescue I have ever done. I had him in my car in 5 minutes.

  • M 3
    M 3

    Poor guy must have been through a lot, I hope he has an amazing life now

  • Debby Sienkiewicz
    Debby Sienkiewicz


  • Talyah R
    Talyah R

    I have a kitty with the same name 🥺

  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson

    Why the hell does he NEED A CRATE? NONE ON MINE HAVE ONE, IT'S WICKED.

    • Amber McMillan
      Amber McMillan

      No, it isn't wicked, it's precaution. She already had one dog and you don't know how things will go at first when you foster a dog you don't know. She didn't leave him in there locked up for days at a time, I'm sure. He turned out much more healed in the end and able to be a part of the world around him and trust instead of hiding in the bushes, so I think she did a good job.

  • Joogie

    Beautiful wiggles🥰🥰

  • Jega 110
    Jega 110

    You can only understand yourself when you love and care for animals, they are our saviours too.

  • robert owens
    robert owens

    not a fucking gentle man

  • Stocks 4 Paws
    Stocks 4 Paws

    Why are Americans using Craters? We don't have that in Europe

  • SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios
    SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    Sweet boy. 🧡

  • Yasmine Nazarine
    Yasmine Nazarine

    Donating to animals better than some people

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis

    thank you all for your service you are making this world a better place

  • Denise Mezynski
    Denise Mezynski

    I was sooo Happy to see you bring in your dogs, many don't ever realize that other scared animals Need other furry friends or their same type to teach them.

  • abrantino

    I Just think how much this dogs have be so scared like this. This dog was traumatized af

  • DJ Guerrero
    DJ Guerrero

    I wished my dog leard to walk on leash he just lays down and put his nail in the ground so he's hard to pick up

  • Heidi V
    Heidi V

    I'm shook. I recently fostered a dog identical to this one, her name was Bella. I was told a man had brought a large shipment of these dogs (which he claimed are German shepherd golden retriever mixes) over from Mexico stuffed in a truck. The poor babies didn't get sunlight, food or water for the entire trip, which lasted several days. All of them were smaller than they should have been due to malnutrition and they were all terrified of people. I fostered Bella and it was heart breaking to see... for the first three days she wouldn't pee or eat anything in front of me. She cowered under my bed in a shady corner for as long as possible. She found a good furever home now, but it was so so sad and this boy looks and acts identical to Bella.

  • lgull1

    Humans do ruin absolutely everything. glad to see they saved him. Doesn't surprise me with animals, we do this to people as well.

  • Phyrun Deab
    Phyrun Deab

    Anyone happen to know what kind of breed Forrest is?

  • UKindness4

    Why do animal people do not understand that you separated him from his animal family at least you should have kept one other dog with him. They hurt like you would. I see this all time and am shocked that you do not understand and try to foster and adopt 2 together in situations like this.

    • Amber McMillan
      Amber McMillan

      Maybe she couldn't foster but one. She already had another dog. Times are hard. He turned out ok in the end. This universe is tough. You have to toughen up with it.

  • WeeWeeJumbo

    Forrest runs

  • JustSayNoToTV

    Awesome, nice job

  • Silver Manson
    Silver Manson

    I work at a dog daycare and we have a dog named Trooper that was abandoned with a bunch of other dogs in the woods and he was the weakest of the pack and got hit with a porcupine. He got adopted and has been with his family for about a year but he still was not a full dog. He started coming to my work a few weeks ago and he would just cry and howl constantly, but on the first day I threw a ball near him and he got excited for a second and I knew he would be ok one day. The second week he actually ran for a ball and he would grab it but then lay down and start crying. I worked with him alone without other dogs and it seemed he needed a friend so I introduced him to one of the other daycare dogs that is known for getting alone with everyone. Trooper immediately perked up so I thought I would slowly introduce him to more dogs over the week. By the 4th week he was a part of the pack and got along with every dog, he would still cry from time to time but he was getting so much better. 2 days ago I walked into work and was greeted with a tail wagging butt wiggling Trooper and I was so happy, within the first few minutes one of the other dogs tried to play with him and I didn’t think anything was going to happen, but he bowed and started to chase and play with the other dog, I was so happy he played for about 5 minutes and laid down but he didn’t cry, that’s when I knew this dog is going to be amazing.

  • Sean O'Donnell
    Sean O'Donnell

    Your patience and kindness are heroic

  • Gainstrup

    Gentleman + 30 dogs, one of them acting like that,,,,, i don't think we have the same definition of a gentleman.

  • IcoN

    Needed to love on that dog to give him all the love, glad he's getting it now.

  • Shyam

    So many 'self proclaimed judge' people trashing the Gentleman who surrendered 30 dogs, as if they know the circumstances why did so. He surrendered, not abandoned in a middle of forest. At least be thankful that he provided a home to 30 dogs. Try doing that yourself before judging someone.

  • James Liang
    James Liang

    Stop calling the animal abuser a *gentleman*! there is nothing he does that is gentle. he should be directly called out as an animal abuser! nothing less will do!

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    Slowburn_89 7104


  • Rob Babcock
    Rob Babcock

    What a beautiful pupper!🐶😁🥰

  • Marlene Walker
    Marlene Walker

    I am just so glad he found a loving forever home!!!

  • Gerrit Peacock
    Gerrit Peacock

    He has really expressive eyes