Sheep Covered In 80 Pounds Worth Of Wool Makes The Most Insane Transformation | The Dodo


    Humanos são ótimos em maltratar e explorar todos os outros seres vivos desse planeta. 😥

  • Nina Gheba
    Nina Gheba

    Ma perché allenatore l'ha fatta tribulare così! Curioso, che nón si é malata povera pecora!!

  • Deeni Townsend
    Deeni Townsend


  • JJJ Love
    JJJ Love

    Aww. He must have felt like he was walking on air when they found him and groomed him, after being burdened with all that wool and struggling alone.

  • nestenoz

    Friendly reminder that selective breeding to force sheep into become wool production machines for their whole lives is the reason this tragedy is possible

  • Heather Thomas
    Heather Thomas

    When they rolled him in and he gingerly got off the cart, I wept. He knew he was getting help.

  • ms operator
    ms operator

    Mammoth Wooly

  • hajile eee
    hajile eee

    Sheep has a whole ecosystem in his shoulders

  • motherofone1

    Actually saw this on Bondi Vet...

  • Deborah Klingler
    Deborah Klingler

    Incredible, luckily he was found after all that time.

  • María Azul Cam
    María Azul Cam


  • A-10 Warthog
    A-10 Warthog

    I heard he didn't got eaten bc wolves couldn't bit through the wool 🤣

  • Pina de Vos
    Pina de Vos

    16 whole seconds..... way to go Dodo......🙄

  • Godofredo Chiquete
    Godofredo Chiquete

    Uh so cute

  • Venus

    Fresh cut

  • Luna The Cat
    Luna The Cat

    I bet that wool put a lot of stress on his legs..

  • sharon spencer
    sharon spencer

    Thank 😊you to all who helped!

  • Roxanne Saldivar
    Roxanne Saldivar

    Cute and beautiful


    And yet again..the Human Race is an embarassment....I so happy to see that someone carred enough to help this animal...It had 80 plus pounds of wool that she carried around?....What is wrong with humans?...I'm embarrassed for all us....The owners should be punished SEVERELY!!


    Bless all you guys saving that sheep you are amazing! Thank you for helping the earth!

  • Dedra

    Happy life... Till they eat him 😭😭

  • Wicked Karma
    Wicked Karma

    And there are still vegans that condemn the use of wool.

    • Simon C
      Simon C

      Learn about selective breeding before commenting

  • Judy Fenske
    Judy Fenske

    I like the fact that gave him something to wear to keep warm.

  • Adonis of Jesus
    Adonis of Jesus

    they keep re-uploading this videos, this is old as hell

  • Angelina Tello
    Angelina Tello

    How much jacket's should that make?

    • Angelina Tello
      Angelina Tello

      I ment could make

    • Angelina Tello
      Angelina Tello

      I ment should make

  • Logan thrdeaker
    Logan thrdeaker


  • Sage

    He must have felt like he was *F L O A T I N G* after all of that wool came off!

  • Sharon Hill
    Sharon Hill

    He must have felt like a new-maaaaaaaaaan. 😁

  • noriaki kekyoin
    noriaki kekyoin

    he probably strong as heck being able to carry all the wool

  • mfriedman50

    A sheep in 100 sheep’s clothing!

  • NickiTheThicci

    I’m not surprised he survived that long in the forest. With all that wool it would be impossible for a predator to go for the neck or any major arteries

  • Heather Thomas
    Heather Thomas

    He is so beautiful under all that.

  • Fruity swift
    Fruity swift

    I bet nothing would want to even try to eat him😂😭

    • Fruity swift
      Fruity swift

      @Fussel :D *Bahahaha!* Atleast the wool saved the sheep in some way before he was rescued!🐑

    • Fussel :D
      Fussel :D

      I read somewhere that wolves actually tried to attack and kill the sheep, but they couldn't because the wool was so thick

  • The Unidentified Creator
    The Unidentified Creator

    Imagine lifting a normal sheep, and then the 80 Pound Wool one

  • Unicorn_Sparkle YT
    Unicorn_Sparkle YT

    Must feel SOOO good

  • Common Art
    Common Art

    Wild sheep can shed but domestic sheep cant :D

  • Charity Jones
    Charity Jones

    Bahaha 🐑🐑🐑


    Poor baby, now you are free to move and enjoy what you missed before!!! Happy days!!!

  • Oofling

    Lol he lookin kinda THICK

  • Jeffrey Friday
    Jeffrey Friday


  • Victoria Marshall
    Victoria Marshall

    Reading this thread I find a perfect example of why I " cracked " and all but ceased to buy anything first hand / new , except for things like underwear and toothbrushes etc due to neverending anxiety it caused as a result of me totally caring vs having to live and function in this world (which I've yet to accomplish) I now clearly see that something had to give and I couldn't have stopped caring so thank you all I suddenly feel not so crazy Now if anyone knows how to solve a problem arising from totally caring vs being overrun by rats escaping underground vibrations due to tunneling for road works in the area I might get a glimpse at a relatively normal life sometime not too far off in the future . As for my contribution I would ask anybody reading this to please be kind to each other . These are frustratingly difficult subjects likely to trigger strong emotions . I believe we all care otherwise we wouldn't have taken the time to not only watch the video but to also read through the comments not to mention I'm sure we each beat ourselves up enough over this type of stuff Solutions are less likely to be found if energy is wasted on fighting with each other. Love from Sydney Australia 🙃

  • David Jakeman
    David Jakeman


  • James Sillz
    James Sillz


  • SaturnRover

    Everyone’s talking about the 80 lbs of wool, but IMAGINE this guy was out on a really hot summer day with ALL OF THAT WOOL, I think the heat would actually drive me insane that’s horrible.

    • S

      It’s in Australia :((

  • Marcella Wolfe
    Marcella Wolfe

    Aw the sheep seems so happy ❤️💓

  • Sky Rings Entertainment
    Sky Rings Entertainment

    That first shave must’ve been godly

  • Nelsan ART
    Nelsan ART

    This was way too short

  • Life in The saddle
    Life in The saddle

    I’m so glad he was saved❤️

  • Dovey_snow

    i heard be died....

  • DreiNacho

    80 pounds or 80£

  • Ryan Weiss
    Ryan Weiss

    So glad you guys found him and got him looking handsome

  • information train
    information train

    It was a very nice video, animals are our friends, let's love them, let's enter their inner world

  • A Man
    A Man

    Jesus you can knit a huge sweater with all that wool

  • Cindy Araya
    Cindy Araya

    It makes my heart glad to know that there are still some good people left on this Earth.

    • Victoria Marshall
      Victoria Marshall

      Sad to say but I believe all too often a rarity these days Hi from Sydney Australia 🙃

  • Chantell Lassiter
    Chantell Lassiter

  • Momogi / Troublesome Child
    Momogi / Troublesome Child

    He is thick boi! Oops never mind..

  • jupiter tovar
    jupiter tovar

    Can we talk about that little lamb in the wheel harness greeting him!!!

  • Alison T.
    Alison T.

    Useless video but I love this huge sheep wool stories.

  • t.a.p

    i only eat fish and vegetable.. 😀😀😀

    • t.a.p


    • Qoi Pond
      Qoi Pond

      Your diet is likely more harmful to the environment, humans, and animals than an omnivorous one :) And fish have complex feelings btw.

  • aj jenkins
    aj jenkins

    Will need a sweater in the winter now

  • BartenderByBlood

    He going to be happy now😍😍😍

  • 86thislove

    Glad they helped! Must feel so good.

  • Mathew M George
    Mathew M George

    After corona be like

  • Sebastian the demiboy
    Sebastian the demiboy

    My going to school after quarantine like:

  • Lavoris Robinson
    Lavoris Robinson


  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith

    Wow poor lil thing

  • Rhi. P.
    Rhi. P.

    I remember seeing this on the news years ago, poor sheep must’ve suffered so much with all that wool ♥️ 🐑 ♥️

  • Marilyn Snider
    Marilyn Snider

    Poor sheep. I bet it's a huge relief to get that off.

  • Firedragon

    How do sheep survive in the wild?

    • Firedragon

      @Cubriffic oh I’m a dumbass

    • Cubriffic

      Wild sheep don't grow wool thick enough to require sheering & can shed their winter coats. Domestic sheep have been bred to grow thick wool that needs to be sheered by humans

  • Michael Shepherd
    Michael Shepherd

    You see boys and girls, this is why you need regular haircuts

  • daban yaseen
    daban yaseen

    We should all care and love our innocent animals

  • Paulina Klaman
    Paulina Klaman

    No wonder that sheep survived no wolf could bite through so much wool

  • J A
    J A

    Poor little doll🥰

  • Gina H
    Gina H

    Thank you to all who had a hand in changing this lil guys life!

  • Tom Dean
    Tom Dean

    And some idiots say shaving sheep is inhumane.

  • Brian Rock Railfan
    Brian Rock Railfan

    liked short video

  • Ghost


  • Lyndan

    Too short!

  • AniFam

    80 pounds!! The poor sheep had been carrying a big dumbbell all the time~😳 It’s great to see his transformation~ Thank you for sharing this video!🤗

  • Anna Łopuszańska
    Anna Łopuszańska


  • Sam .P
    Sam .P

    Now the whole village can have a Christmas sweater.

    • Xxx Xxx
      Xxx Xxx

      @Jas Pearce Now the whole village can have a christmas tank top!

    • Autumn Dreamgem Gaming
      Autumn Dreamgem Gaming

      @Jas Pearce lol

    • Jas Pearce
      Jas Pearce

      This guy lives in Australia. We don't wear Christmas sweaters as it's summer time during Christmas here. 😊

  • Alejandro El Luxray
    Alejandro El Luxray

    When You are so fluffy not even bears can hunt You

    • Stephanie Nicholas
      Stephanie Nicholas

      @Jas Pearce Wild Dogs?

    • Jas Pearce
      Jas Pearce

      Yeah except this is in Australia and we don't have bears. 😊

  • Q Will
    Q Will

    Bless you for helping him

  • Fire Tsunami
    Fire Tsunami

    80 pound of Woolworth 😂



  • Annie

    He needs a nice bath now. Poor thing.

  • Mad Fern
    Mad Fern

    awwww poor sheep

  • Zach

    15 seconds? I'm sure that's as much of a waste of your time as mine.

  • jujia7

    5 Y E A R S?! Wow!

  • Anthony Naranjo
    Anthony Naranjo

    Shrek, is that you?

  • Robyn Pittillo
    Robyn Pittillo

    I loved that a guy found this sheep and found someone to help him. Could you imagine how terrible this sheep felt with all that extra wool weighing him down?? Thank God for good people willing to help. 💗💗🙏🙏🐑🐑

    • JJJ Love
      JJJ Love

      Amen. I love it when us humans can help the creatures of the world around us, instead of harm.

  • Michelle Accunzo
    Michelle Accunzo

    Yaaay for you his handsome baby! He looks so healthy and happy now! ❤️🙏

  • Rhys Adams
    Rhys Adams

    Aww...poor baby

  • Jan Small
    Jan Small

    She4p feels better after all that wool is off

  • aman singh
    aman singh


  • Maria Guzman
    Maria Guzman

    Just like getting a much-needed haircut.

    • Bill Robbins
      Bill Robbins

      Beautiful song too! ♥️🐑and a haircut!

  • timtrainage

    "Why is it suddenly so cold?"

  • Babs Skett
    Babs Skett

    Ahhh! God bless him!! Why on earth did someone leave him to get like this.? .it's cruel!!

    • Mom

      @Lyndan that or others telling people to be vegan

    • Lyndan

      @OoOo OoOoO Every Dodo video comment section is 75% people bashing humans.

    • Serai3

      Nobody "let" him. He hid from everyone. He was the one who didn't want the haircut.

    • OoOo OoOoO
      OoOo OoOoO

      You think someone left him? No he most likely got out

    • C Cummings
      C Cummings

      They didn't leave them like that, can't remember the exact story this happened years ago, but it either escaped or got lost in the Australian outback and was found about 5 years later. This is not he 1st one either i think they have found about 4 or 5 sheep in this condition that got lost.

  • Tovyn -The Labrador
    Tovyn -The Labrador

    poor guy no one care about him.

  • Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn
    Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn

    But that wool keep her life from predator.

    • Qoi Pond
      Qoi Pond

      @D N Look up the dingo fence :>

    • D N
      D N

      @Jas Pearce No dingos?

    • Jas Pearce
      Jas Pearce

      Nope. This is in Australia. Sheep don't have predators here.